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Item Unlock Description Upgrade
Blunderbuss War Mage
  • Primary is a slow-firing shotgun attack.
  • Secondary uses mana to launch a grenade
  • General upgrades increase grenade damage and lower mana cost (2, 5, 11 skulls)
  • Unique 1: Primate attack sometimes causes targets to bleed (5 skulls)
  • Unique 2: Primary attack sometimes knocks back heavy enemies (5 skulls).
Crossbow 8 skulls
  • Primary: Does a precise attack. May be held for rapid fire.
  • Secondary: Fires stun grenade.
  • General upgrades cause extra damage on headshots (2, 6, 13 skulls)
  • Unique 1: Primary attack sometimes ignites enemies (5)
  • Unique 2: Headshots generate mana.