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Main menu[edit]

From the main menu you can select the following:

  • New game: start a new game from the beginning. When you start the game, you will be prompted to choose a save slot (there are four available). The game will automatically save to the currently selected slot.
  • Load game: load a saved game from one of the four slots.
  • Quick play: pick up to four meals and get right into the kitchen! Use this option to get a quick taste of the gameplay in Order Up! Playing the main game will unlock additional meals which can then be played and perfected in this mode.
  • Options: adjust various settings or view other content from the game.
  • Audio: adjust volume levels for sound effects, speech, and music.
  • Credits: view the game's credits.
  • Bonus: view unlocked content.

New game[edit]

When you select a save slot to create a new game, you must choose which chef to play as:

Order Up! Guy Chef portrait.png
Guy Chef

He's got no time to talk because he's here to cook, and cooking is what he does best! He doesn't even have time for a name, so everyone calls him Chef.

Instruction manual

Order Up! Gal Chef portrait.png
Gal chef

They say she's mumbling, but she's actually just too busy (planning her next dish no doubt) to form any actual words. Conveniently enough, she too is simply referred to as Chef. Isn't that something?

Instruction manual


Cooking meter

When an ingredient is being heated, an icon will appear which shows how hot the item is. The green area is "perfectly cooked" unless a customer likes their food under or over cooked. For ingredients with 2 sides (such as burgers or eggs) each side cooks independently and the item must be flipped when one side is perfectly cooked. For items which are stirred (such as pasta) the bottom arrow needs to be in the green for the item to be perfectly cooked, and stirring the ingredient will help regulate the temperature

Instruction manual


For more details on restaurants, see Order Up!/Restaurants.

There are several restaurants that Chef gets to work in.

Chef Spice[edit]

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Assistant chefs[edit]

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From the game manual

  • Nugget, the Newsboy, doesn't like to be pushed!
  • Ned has some special ingredients... give him some Coin and see!
  • Your Assistant Chefs can get tired if you work them too hard.
  • Some patrons like specific spices... on anything!
  • Each Assistant Chef has a different skill so choose carefully.
  • Check all the tables, if any Patrons are unhappy they might walk out!
  • You can give Ingredients to your Assistant Chefs!
  • Assistant Chefs do some things well and other things... not so well.
  • Trashing too many Ingredients can lead to Rats in the Kitchen!
  • Dusty Keister likes meat prepared Well Done, so... BURN IT!
  • Count Steakula likes meat prepared Raw, so make it 'Cold'!
  • Russel Sprouts won't eat meat, so make sure to Vegify it!
  • You can end your day at the restaurant at any time in the Pause menu.
  • Holding 1 button will let you peek into the dining room.
  • More Patrons order the Special when you have assistant Larry Cheezler!
  • Randle McDandle keeps the Patrons happy!
  • If you give Patrons a Spice they hate... bad things could happen.
  • Read the comment cards to find out what your Patrons want.
  • Look for STARS to unlock out in front of the restaurant!
  • Stock up on Spices before challenging the Fortified Chefs!
  • To make a Perfect dish all Ingredients must be made Perfect!
  • A meal served Hot will get a tip three times higher than a Cold one.
  • Proper spicing can double or triple your tip!
  • Every table will have one Patron who likes Chef Spice, so spice it up!