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In addition to the normal patrons there are Special Patrons, there is one per table and you will be able to tell who it is as there are only about 5 models of normal patron and they are extensively re-used. The following is a list of these patrons along with what spices they like, which they hate, and the restaurants the appear at.


Count Steakula[edit]

Order Up! Count Steakula portrait.png
  • Description from US instruction manual: They say he's royalty from somewhere dark and spooky. Serve his food rare and never, ever give him garlic.
  • Preferred Spice: Rare food
  • Disliked Spice: Garlic
  • Appears at: Stuffolini's|Kung Fusion|Chez Haute

Dusty Keister[edit]

Order Up! Dusty Keister portrait.png
  • Description from instruction booklet: Cook it 'til it's charred.
  • Preferred Spice: Well-Done [2]
  • Disliked Spice: Rare
  • Appears at: El Fuego | Stuffolini's

Hootenanny Pete[edit]

Order Up! Hootenanny Pete portrait.png
  • Description from instruction booklet: Give him somthing extra aromatic or he won't be able to taste it.
  • Preferred Spice: Aromatic
  • Disliked Spice: Gravy
  • Appears at: Gravy Chug | El Fuego | Stuffolini's | Chez Haute

Jimbo Jambo[edit]

  • Description from instruction booklet: He just can't resist gravy, so pour it on.
  • Preferred Spice: Gravy
  • Disliked Spice: Salty
  • Appears at: Gravy Chug

Maria Papita Rosita[edit]

  • Description from instruction booklet: She likes it Spicy.
  • Preferred Spice: Spicy
  • Disliked Spice: Sweet [3]
  • Appears at: El Fuego | Stuffolini's

Russel Sprouts[edit]

  • Description from instruction booklet: He won't eat meat. Use the Veggie spice to auto-magically transform any meat ingredient into animal-friendly alternatives.
  • Preferred Spice: Vegified Meat | Disliked Spice: Non-Vegified Meat [4]
  • Appears at: Chez Haute|Kung Fusion

Sally Bitters[edit]

  • Description from instruction booklet: Her sour outlook on life has affected her taste buds, so make her dish sour.
  • Preferred Spice: Sour
  • Disliked Spice: Sweet
  • Appears at: Stuffolini's | Chez Haute

Salty Sam[edit]

  • Description from instruction booklet: He's got to have a heap of salt on anything that goes in his mouth.
  • Preferred Spice: Salty (Although he likes salty spices, he does not like "Lemon Salt".)
  • Disliked Spice: Spicy
  • Appears at: Gravy Chug|Kung Fusion

Sweet Tooth[edit]

  • Description from instruction booklet: Give him anything with sugar and he'll jump for joy.
  • Preferred Spice: Sweet
  • Disliked Spice: Sour
  • Appears at: Gravy Chug | El Fuego

Tex Porterhouse[edit]

  • Description from instruction booklet: He likes meat and meat ain't complete without the Barbecue Sauce!
  • Preferred Spice: Barbecue Sauce
  • Disliked Spice: Vegify
  • Appears at: Gravy Chug | El Fuego


Rare food[edit]

Rare food that requires cooking should be taken off of the stove the second it is put on, don't even flip burgers!

Well-Done food[edit]

Well-Done food should be cooked until it is almost burning, this is easy in easy mode as you have the temperature gauges to cook the food well without burning it, however it is extremely difficult in hard mode so you might opt to cook client's who like Well-Done food like any other food

Maria's Hated food[edit]

In-game it states that Maria Papita Rosita hates aromatic food but for all purposes she actually hates sweet food. This is fixed in the 3DS, PS3, and Ipod version, and she hates aromatic in this.


You must Vegify every step that handles meat, even if you have previously vegified that meat in a previous step.