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Road to Paris is the first mission in the American campaign, and is the only mission in the Order of War demo.

Securing the bridgehead[edit]

Shortly after your forces cross the pontoon bridge, they are attacked by German forces.

Your forces are a mixture of infantry and light tanks, and you will engage a combination of tanks, infantry, and anti-tank guns. These enemy forces are weak, and are defeated simply by pressing the attack.

Flak on Hill 80[edit]

To the west of your position, four Flak-88s will shoot down enemy planes. You will receive an additional soldier group and two additional tank battalions to capture the hill.

These Flak 88s are protected by a few anti-tank cannons at the northern end of the hill, and are surrounded by two trenches. The trenches contain light infantry.


After you capture Hill 80, you can now call air-support to assist Saint-Martin.

Deploy the two airstrikes to eliminate most of the enemies within the town.

German counterattack[edit]

The German forces have prepared a counter attack, and are using heavy tanks to try to reclaim the hill and bridge.

In addition to four new anti-tank gun groups, you now have the option of calling any desired reinforcement. Available reinforcements are shown in the top right corner of the screen, with the number showing the cost of the reinforcement. The number of reinforcement points is shown at the top. You can also call airstrikes from this reinforcement pool as well.

The enemy will attack in two waves. The second wave will begin to advance by the time the first wave is finished. They will try to claim the control points, and should you succeed, cause you to miss a secondary objective.

The tiger tanks are strong, but are more vulnerable to flanking attacks. If you manage to clear out one of the two sides, your troops can easily flank the attacking forces.

Once you defeat all enemy forces, the mission will end.