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Be prepared. Several columns of panzers and Tigers will be thrown at you right from the start of the German Onslaught, and will come from surprise locations throughout the mission. You have no anti-tank artillery, and very little resources.

The level starts with your forces at three locations. One at the crossroads which you were defending in previous chapters. Second at the two towns which you must hold at all cost. One at Parroy and Arracourt. That leaves three more control points without any troops, one of these being quite crucial as it lies on the flanks of the route which the Germans will take to assault Parroy or Arracourt.

Send the two light infantry companies, which will become effectively cannon fodder at Parroy, to the unmanned control points near the river crossings. Place the other company in one of the buildings in the boundary of the control point of Parroy, but towards the bridge, so that they cover the river crossing at Parroy. Move the tanks from the crossroads to defend Parroy. Keep a company of medium tanks at crossroads to hit from the rear flanks when the Germans appear from behind the town.

Get new tank supports from Arracourt to defend the small unnamed town (preferably tank destroyers). Use them to make hit and run maneuvers, from the rear or side flanks, once the Germany cavalry engages the defenders at Parroy or start their assault on Arracourt.

If you look towards the east of Arracourt town, there is a geographical landmark in the form of a trench, Move all the remaining infantry and tanks, stationed at Arracourt, as close as possible to those trenches as the map allows.

The enemy will counter these moves by making a breakthrough towards Arracourt. So keep a company of fast moving small tanks in the town (get them from the resources).

As soon as the map becomes usable, the troops which you stationed near the trenches are free to go and quickly engage the new front opened by the Germans, to effectively capture the vital control point. Move quickly and take control of that point, because it is crucial for the defence of Arracourt. Once that CP is captured, it would enable you to engage the Germans from three sides as they make a move for Arracourt (From the new CP, that small town and Arracourt itself). All the time keep an eye on the defence of Parroy. Use the stationed tanks at the crossroads to hit the German Tigers and Panzers from sides. Call more Reinforcements from the cross roads if absolutely essential, otherwise save the resources.

Now the Germans will open another front from across the river. Send some reinforcements to Parroy, as they will be depleted in the wake of the German assault. Get Reinforcements for the river crossing, move the rocket launcher and some heavy cavalry towards the point from where the German armour might cross the river. Keep an eye for field artillery which the Germans will place near the river crossing. Take them out using rockets and self propelled guns. You need to defend this crossing until you secure the last German CP, on the main side of the river. You might want to call some troops to defend Arracourt too. Rockets are recommended, for their long range, and the fact that the German thrust must now be engaged from two flanks, sitting comfortably in the town.

Once these arrangements are done and the skirmishes are done with, the commander will announce that the town of Arracourt is secured. So now, you are free to launch a three pronged attack on the last German CP on your side of the river. At the same time, the fog is lifted and air support is available to you. That also means the Germans are free to use outside-map artillery attacks. So keep an eye for the orange smoke amidst your troops. As soon as you see one, pause and give instructions to clear that area.

Use rockets to take out the Anti-Aircraft guns, they are devastating against the infantry and to a great extent armor too. Swarm that CP and take control. Meanwhile get more rockets near the river crossing. Keep hammering the Germans across the river with these. Once your side is secured, get all the armor to the river crossing, and, using air support and rockets cross over and secure the CP and finish the game.

You can also put a column of self propelled tanks on the bank of river near that hill. Then, place batteries of rockets along the river on your side. Keep using them as soon as the tigers and panzers spawn or engage your cavalry. They are devastating against anything that is unfortunate enough to be caught in their volley. Trying to cross at Parroy won't be an issue as the tanks should be standing idle anyway, and the infantry in the building will take care of them quite well. Once the CP is captured at the river crossing, on the German side, you get our hand on howitzers too, although they are not necessary. The Rockets and air support are enough to rout the Germans from that island.