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In the force levels, special motes (Attractors/Repulsors) influence other motes with a force similar to gravitation. The player has to take into account orbital physics when planning movement in order to save mass when changing course. In these levels, the game optionally assists the player with a course trajectory tool that plots the mote's course, up to a short time in the future. Force levels are complicated in various ways, including levels with attractors bouncing randomly around an area full of motes, several "strata" of bodies in retrograde rotation about an attractor, and attractors orbiting other attractors.

F1O - force reception[edit]

F1O1-Become the Biggest[edit]

In this level, there is a HUGE attractor and an even bigger circular wall that is deadly. The goal is the same as ambeint mode.

F1O2-Absorb the Repulsor[edit]

This level comtains a special mote called a repulsor and it produces a negative gravitational field around itself. Your goal is to absorb it.

F2O - force ascension[edit]

F2O1-Become the Biggest[edit]

Same goal as ambeient mode. Again, a HUGE attractor and a deadly circular wall.

F2O2-Absorb the Three Repulsors[edit]

Three more negative-gravity repulsors to be absorbed.

F2O3-Absorb the Attractor[edit]

This attractor isn't so big. Absorb it to collapse the system.

F3A - zen attractors[edit]

F3A1-Become the Biggest[edit]

Like a usual Force Become the Biggest level.



F3B - warped chaos[edit]

F3B1-Become Huge[edit]

Many attractors in a smaller area.

F3B2-Become Huge[edit]

Larger space, less attractors.

F3B3-Become Huge[edit]

Giant space, rare attractors.

F3C - epicycles[edit]