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In the sentient levels, the goal is to prevail over active motes of various types that hunt and absorb other motes, including the player. Hunting them typically involves absorbing as many inactive motes as possible before chasing down the active ones with the extra mass one has gained.

S1O - artificial life[edit]

S1O1 - Absorb the Ovarium[edit]

The Ovarium is the first cell that you will encounter. It will attempt to move towards other cells, but will also try evading any attackers. It only shoots motes at a slow rate.

On the normal map, try moving downward to collect the blue motes. When you are large enough, which shouldn't take too long, return to the ovarium and try to claim it.

S1O2 - Absorb the Biophobe[edit]

The biophobe won't attack other motes, but if a larger mote gets too close, it will rapidly fire motes in an attempt to escape.

S2O - survival of the fittest[edit]

S2O1-Become Huge[edit]

This level has many Ovariums and motes.

S2O2-Absorb the Nemocyte[edit]

This level has a Nemocyte, a fast, agressive mote that speeds away from danger.

S2O3-Absorb the three Nemocytes[edit]

There are three Nemocytes here, and all must be absorbed.

S3O - deadly ecosystems[edit]

S3O1-Become Huge[edit]

Multiple Ovariums and Nemocytes make this place hazardous.

S3O2-Become Huge[edit]

This level replaces Ovariums with large, inactive motes.

S3O3-Absorb the Ferax[edit]

This level contains the Ferax, the big badda boss!!!