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Primary objectives
Objective How to complete
Protect Ozzie and the wagon Finish the level
Get to the hedge entrance Finish the level
Secondary objectives
Objective How to complete
Finish with the wagon at least half full Don't let the wagon's metre drop below half.
Save the bunny from the exterminator Use your range attack and aim it at the exterminator model on top of the vermtech van when it pulls up.

Following another cutscene, Ozzie takes charge of pulling the wagon. Your task, along with your computer-controlled ally, is to protect the wagon and its contents from enemies. To streamline this process, focus on quickly neutralizing the primary threats, such as the enemy trash can or their bases. This strategy reduces enemy numbers, making your task more manageable.

This stage represents the first "escape" level. After fending off numerous rats, you'll find yourself near a trash can. A brief cutscene plays where a woman inadvertently knocks over the trash cans, letting out a startled shriek. With rats emerging from the trash, you must eliminate them. Fortunately, without the wagon present, you don't need to guard it.

Soon after, Ozzie reaches the opposite side. To join him, you'll face a mini-game where you must safely cross traffic. Be careful: collisions with cars rapidly deplete your health. Once past this challenge, you're on the brink of completing the level. Simply defeat the remaining enemies, destroy their final base, and you, alongside Ozzie and your ally, will have successfully finished the level. Your journey then takes you back to your home in the hedge.