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In this minigame, your goal is to try and blow up the other carts without blowing up yourself. You will be in a golfcart, and you can choose one of four arenas to do the minigame in, but you need to have unlocked an arena to be able to use it. Drive around the arena, and use some kind of method to try and win. These are two methods you can use;

  • Drive around and try to avoid the other carts until there is only one other cart left, so they can blow themselves up and won't cause you too much damage if you didn't get hit too hard and often.
  • Dive right in and try to smash everyone else in the side for extra damage. You'll need to pick up hearts along the way though, because you'll loose health much faster doing it like this.

You can also get powerups which can be useful. These are the powerups;

  • Heart: Gives you extra health
  • Shield: Makes sure you don't loose as much health if someone hits you
  • Boost: Fills you boost meter right to the top if it isn't full already
  • Star: Not quite sure what this does but it probably causes your opponents extra damage

If you get blown up during the game, you will have lost.

Range Driver[edit]

It sounds like it has something to do with cars, but it's really a lot different. Using your range attack, you need to shoot the items that match the word at the bottom of the screen. You loose points if you hit the wrong item. There are two different courses for this minigame. In the first course, there are objects (such as crates, balloons, etc) and in the second course you need to his the selected enemies. If you are playing single player, then if the time runs out, the game is over. If you are playing two player, there are only two rounds, and when the time runs out the player with the highest score wins the round.

RC Rally[edit]

Just like the title says, this is a race. Each character has their own RC car, and you need to race them round the track, doing two laps, and need to finish before the other players to win. In a single player game, you will be racing against three other cars, but in a two player game, you will just be racing each other. Pick up lightning bolts to increase your boost to go faster. Boost also increases gradually over time. The winner in a two player game will have fireworks on their half of the screen, and the looser will get rainclouds.