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Windows PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 Action
WASD Neutral lstick Movement
Spacebar A button Attack
`1234 RB button Select all/brown/red/green/blue minions
F1F2F3F4 Neutral dpad Spell select (Level 1 - Fireball, Slow, Shield, Anger)
F5F6F7F8 Neutral dpad Spell select (Level 2 - Flamethrower, Confusion, Shock Shield, Berserk)
F9F10F11F12 Neutral dpad Spell select (Level 3 Evil/Good - Inferno/Combustion, Betrayal/Submission, Infernal Shield/Sanctuary, Legion of Terror/Legion of Honor)
Shift LT button Target lock
Q Y button Place a guard marker
E X button Cast spell
PC Mouse Left Click.png RT button Send minion (Hold longer for all)
PC Mouse Middle Click.png Scroll to select minion type (Press to select all minions)
PC Mouse Right Click.png B button Callback minions (Hold longer for all)
PC Mouse Left Click.pngPC Mouse Right Click.png Neutral rstick Sweep minions
PC Mouse.png Neutral rstick Rotate camera/zoom