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The Dungeon Arena is part of the tower that is unlocked once you kill your first enemies and then return to the tower. Its entrance is to the right of the Tower Heart pool, when standing on the throne. The area consists of two rooms. The first room is the preparation area, and the second room is the greco-roman style arena with a sand floor and high walls on the sides. Minion spectators will watch as you fight.

In the preparation room, there is one spawning pool of each minion color and a pit in the center of the room. The pit in the center acts as the fight selection menu. Walk up to it and interact with it to bring up the menu. From the menu you can select a type of minion to fight. Once selected, the gate on the north side of the room will open. If you are unsure about the difficulty of the fight, it is a good idea to walk down the stairs partially, but not through the door. That way you can see how many enemies of that type you will have to fight. Some enemies should be left for later when your army is bigger, more diverse, and has equipment on.

The below sections are for each enemy type and the strategies to beat them in the arena. Thus the table of contents of this page lists every minion type available to fight in the arena.

General tips
  • Do not fight any monsters found in Evernight Forest until you have 20 minions available.

Forest Troll[edit]

The front two trolls will immediately aggro and walk towards you. Back into one of the corners with the Overlord, and sweep the minions to attract the trolls to another corner. When cornered, summon the minions back to you. Hopefully one of the trolls will get bored and head back to the start. Attack and kill the other troll. Then begin to fight one by one.