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Evernight Forest is located to the left of the village of Spree in Mellow Hills


Meet the two elf ghosts and kill the two carnivore unicorns for access to the forest. There is also a new spell, the anger spell, which powers up the minions (toggle on and off).

Oberon Lifeforce[edit]

This is to free up the green hive nest. This quest kills nodes 1 and 2. With access to the forest, head in and kill the root bulbs feeding Oberon's tree. Since only the blue minions can swim, use the guardpost command to set minions near their bridges, then move your Overlord across and call them back. You can also move simultaneously, if you prefer. There's an increase mana object near a shortcut back to the starting area. Take it and enter the new map Viridian Caves.

Green Hive[edit]

In the cave, follow the green imps with your horde. Avoid the poison traps and use brown minions to collect the green lifeforce. Move blocks to close bridges (twice). The spitting plants have cyclical bursts; just run past them with everyone following. The second block puzzle leads to the green hive. Use green minions to take the prize home and get rid of all the plants. The wild troll is hard only if you don't have the green horde do a guardpost behind the enemy. Invisible, the green guards will not be attacked until enemies wander into range.


Oberon represents the sin sloth.

Once you return to Oberon a root will surrounded you and you will need to attack him. There is a mana pool to the left and numerous enemies will come from behind him. Onec you've killed the enemies send your minions to attack Oberon directly, recall them once more enemies appear.