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Mellow Hills contains the village of Spree, access to the Haflings' Houses (to the right when entering the village), Castle Spree (to the back when entering the village) and Evernight Forest (to the left when entering the village).

Tower Heart[edit]

The "Tower Heart" located in the pumpkin patch.

The first task is to recover the "Tower Heart". Summon the initial brown minions and pillage the nearby sheep for lifeforce. You can control 5 minions at once. Use 5 minions to push the rock aside and move to the pumpkin farm. Go past the farm and take the Tower Heart back. This artifact incidentally increases the total command points to 10, in addition to the fireball spell.

Slave Camp[edit]

The troll guarding the "Slave Camp"

Head back out, pillage sheep and head past the pumpkin farm from the previous mission. The village of Spree will not open its barricade until prisoners are freed. Go down trail, and pillage all items for weapons and stuff. Use the turnstile to access the Slave Camp. The midgets will use stone-throwers to pelt your minions, but the troll is your main problem. Target the stone throwers, then call your minions back and focus a fireball on the troll while everyone jumps on it. Take the crane back and head back to the village.

Haflings' Houses[edit]

You can fetch the Slow spell on the other side of the Spree village wall. There is a command upgrade (to 15) in the Hafling Houses. The stolen food is packed deep in the dungeon Hafling Houses. Destroy the midget houses and fight off the stone throwers and troll. Head into the large Hafling House. There are several turnstiles that open gated doors. In addition, there are treasures to be taken back to the tower.

There are spawning tunnels that need to be destroyed to stop enemies. Use the minions to find the two missing turnstile bars, bring them to the broken turnstile, and enter the kitchen. There's an object that increases life, as well as some gold to take. Once you have the food you are given the choice of giving it back to Spree (good) or keeping it (evil).

  • Good: Giving the food back to the villagers of Spree increases your "good reputation" and increases sheep population.
  • Evil: Taking the food back to the castle increases your "bad reputation", provides an extra health bar and adds 100 lifeforce to the minions.

Melvin's Kitchen[edit]

This rewards Overlord with the red nest. When the cut-scene ends, target and kill the violinist on the table. Gather your minions and assault the Halfling warrens and the stone throwers. Chase Melvin into the map Melvin's Kitchen.

Melvin Underbelly[edit]

Melvin represents the sin gluttony.

Move in and attack the boss with the minions; pull them back when Melvin jumps up (or after first contact) or many will die. Once Melvin is at half life, he will just roll and bounce off the walls. Avoid three rolls, close in and kill him. The final blow is done by the Overlord. Free the red minions afterwards and take the red hive nest back to the exit. Red minions need to stay at their guard post and kill the infinite cooks so the other batch can operate the switch.

Smelter of Steel[edit]

With red minions, visit the left area of Spree (towards Evernight Forest) and take the smelter. Halflings will attack you, kill the patrols, open the gates again and warp the smelter to the tower for the ability to upgrade in the forge.

Spree Castle Mistress[edit]

This rewards your Overlord with the Mistress, which decorates the tower. Use red minions to snuff the fires and kill the knights with brown minions. The castle is basically 4 rooms. Head past the mistress to get some minion weapons, then go the other way to get to the turnstile. Open the locked gate and fight the beholder with red minions and a lot of magic.


The red minions need to shoot the boss, but there are infinite enemies here. Gold minions are best used to screen the red force; if you have a few shots of fireball, cast at the boss when it stops moving (often fleeing the red minions) or just hack it up. You need to use two groups of reds to kill the beholder. Place one group on the left platform and one on the right, then attacks any of the creates that are spawned yourself. Once done take the luggage back to the mistress.

Enslaving 10 Women[edit]

Note: This mission is only available if you are being evil.

This mission is activated by making the village hate the Overlord. Simply kill innocents until the level is at hatred (taking the food does not activate this mission). Upon warping to Mellow Hills later, a cut-scene will occur. The 10 women will have voice bits if you're nearby and will have a non-Guilty Spark halo around their head. Use minions to enslave them and take them back to your tower. The women are located;

  1. Near the Mellow Hills Portal
  2. The sheep grazing area near the portal
  3. Near the pumpkin farm by the village barricade
  4. The hafling campfire by the small bridge; this is towards the slave camp
  5. Mana pit near the slave camp entrance
  6. At the Spree exit towards the Hafling Homes
  7. In the village near the brown minion portal
  8. At the mana pit in Spree village
  9. The sheep grazing area in the village's backyard farmland
  10. Found with the sheep glen near the Hafling Slave Camp