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The guide for this walkthrough is split up into sections of the game. Each section is an attempt to explore as much of that area as possible, given the limitations of the player at that point.

The appendices for each major area also exist to help players with a checklist of sorts.

Game start[edit]

The game begins with a cinematic showing with a group of brown minions excavating the Overlord's remains. They unbury him, give him new armor, and then control is given to you.

The Spawning Grounds[edit]

Walk forward and around to the floating rocks. Walk over to where your guide is. Select the brown minion spawner and draw out five brown minions. Follow the guide to the practice area.

Beat up the jester[edit]

Now you get to kick around the jester. First you'll attack it straight on, then you'll use the minions. Afterwards, meet the guide in the tower throne room.


The throne room is the main area of the tower. It is the center and when this walkthrough says "return to the tower", this is the first place you will appear.

The guide will tell you about the tower heart and the pool of water. Approach it, press A button to use it, and teleport to the location of the heart. Your first quest is to retrieve the heart from Mellow Hills.

Mellow Hills first time[edit]

Head down and clear out the sheep for some souls, then summon 10 brown minions. Head down the hill and a farmer strapped to a wooden beam will cry about how his farm has been raided by halflings. Clear out the farm house by sweeping your minions inside. Then break down the gate on the left side. Break any pumpkins you find, and sweep your browns through the fallen remains. Some of the pieces can be used as equipment, e.g. a pumpkin for a helmet, to boost their strength. Follow the trail around until you reach the big pumpkin patch. Clear out the halflings, then break the giant pumpkin. Grab the heart of the tower by assigning minions to it and wait for them to return it to the way point.

Now you can come and go to the tower as much as you want.

Free the peasants[edit]

=Spree killing[edit]

West side of spree[edit]

You'll get the sub-quest to find the entrance to Evernight Forest here. You can also get the smelter once you have acquired 10 red minions, so come back here later.

Half-ling party crashing[edit]

Red minions[edit]

Melvin the fat...[edit]

Evernight Forest first time[edit]

Unicorn sub-quest, +Mana, minion spell

Viridian Caverns[edit]

Green Minions hive, Green Troll

Back to Evernight Forest[edit]

Head to the left when exiting and use green minions to destroy the root node. Head back up that trail to Oberon tree and to right is Shield Spell. From Oberon tree, head left when facing Oberon (through the root arches). Use green minions to clear poison field, then head through.

Follow the trail past the elves and water on the left. To the right you might notice a very large enemy walking around. Continue forward to the stairs and gate. The gate will be smashed by a new enemy - a large bipedal rat monster with a large mace. The trick is to attack, then pull back right as he lifts his weapon. Wait for it to hit the ground, then attack again. Repeat until dead.

Continue on until you reach the room with the big minion and lots of archers and a healer. Take out all of the little guys as possible. The big one will not approach unless you go up on the stairs. Take out the healer, too. Then take out the big guy last. Go to the top of the stairs and destroy the root node. Re-summon any dead minions (stick with 10 browns and 5 reds for now).

Now that the node is dead, enemies will flood into the room. Notice that one big enemy has a wench handle. Stay on the middle tier of stairs and kill all of the archers that come up and any healers. Then wait for the big ones to approach. After, take the wench handle, then turn the wench. Follow the trail back through the elf area and grab the yellow pillar object to get +5 minions summoning. You will need to come back to this place with blue minions.

For now, head to Heaven's Peak.

Heaven's Peak first time[edit]

Grab 20 browns. Head down the hill and talk to the peasants. Kill them all. Head into their camp and loot everything. Continue on and a peasant will tell you about the refugees leaving the city via sewers. It is time to seek out the Blue Minions. Head down the kill, break open the gate, and kill off the field full of zombies. You can safely take on ~4-5 at a time.

Head towards the cave and you'll fight a succubus. Just chase her around until she dies. She will suck the life from one minion at a time, but won't kill them.

Find the minion spawning pools and the waypoint. Grab 5 green minions, then head back and get the blue pillar (+1 mana bubble). From where you found the blue pillar, move the minions across the log and have them hold position while you go back and around through the water. Then have them break down the stone bridge. Turn around and use the green minions to get into the blue minion den.

The Moist Hollows[edit]

Head down the hill and kill all of the birds. There will be a nest where you can grab an egg. At this point, it is useless. Ignore this nest. The path will lead to a fork, to the left is water and to the right is a minion only path. Send all minions down the path to as far as you can see and have them wait.

Head down the water, across to the spawning pools, then up to your minions. Put all minions away. Grab 19 fire and 1 blue. Go up the hill to where the birds and terrorizing blue minions. Have reds hold position on the cliff edge. Run the blue down the board, across the water and grab an egg. Run the egg back up to the board, wait for birds to arrive, then run up to where the reds are. Wait for the reds to kill them all. Repeat the egg grab if the birds run back out of range. After all birds are dead you'll complete the sub-quest and get some extra blue minions.

Now head back and grab all blues. Have them pick up the hive, then follow them along the path. Kill some wisps. To the right of the wisps is a hidden area with a mana spring and a blue spawning pool.

Up ahead is a mini-boss, a giant water snake. When you get to him, pull back. He will not advance. If you send your minions down to fight, they will all die. This fight is primarily up to the Overlord to kill the snake. However, the best way to do this is to put all of your blue minions away (there is a spawning pool right behind you). Then go down the trail to the right and discover the brown spawning pool. Summon a large group of them. Approach the cliff in front of the snake. Have your minions wait/guard far away so they don't get attacked. Take control of one minion and have them approach the green area of the cliff. The snake will reel back for an attack. Immediately run the minion away to avoid being eaten. Do this a couple of times to see how close it has to be, and the angle at which the snake strikes. When you're more familiar with it, use the whole group. When the snake lunges, have them all attack. If it takes too long to get them all up there, hold some back. Also, approach with the Overlord and attack as one. Do not use single targeting; sweep them onto the location of the head and neck for them to attack. The hitbox is weird since if you assign them to attack, they would instead run down the wooden board to the water to attack the base of its body.

Continue carrying the hive. You will reach a fork where you have to pull two giant rocks off of vents to lower the pressure of the geysers blocking your path.

Grab ~5-10 reds from the spawning pool. Follow the trail towards the shining pot (a 500 gold pot, takes 3 to carry). Kill the blue scarab, then place your red minions on guard next to the side of the cliff so they can kill the two frogs.

Then up ahead is a four path intersection. Straight ahead is blocked by geysers and leads to the exit. To the left and right are the rocks needed to lower the geyser. Head to the right, downwhere the frogs were and pull the rock with blue minions.

Then head back up and to the left of the geyser blockage. Have the reds hold position. Take your blues across the water. Ignore the scarabs and head up the trail to where you see some birds. Grab the egg, carry it around until just one bird is isolated, then use your group to kill it. Repeat, then use the wench to open the bridge to the rock covering the geyser.

Head back and start carrying the hive and gold pot again. At the bottom of the path there is a mushroom blockage. Before destroying it, send any non-blue minions into their spawning pools. Break the blockage. The blue spawning pool is just around the corner and in the water. This area is safe, but the next is not. Grab 20 blue minions, return the gold pot and hive to the way point up ahead. After the hive is delivered, the water fall/geysers up ahead will disappear. Follow the path out to return to the Heaven's Peak - Swamp, but in a different spot than you've been to.

Heaven's Peak - Swamp[edit]

You'll appear near the Boomboo Birds nest out in the swamp. There is a 1000 gold pot (takes 10 to carry). To get the pot, you'll have to kill every bird. It is best to take on 1 or 2 at a time. They have a very large aggro radius so just stand in front of them to get them to come. You may have to wait for them to turn around. Some of them will not aggro, or move at all. Do not attack them until the others have been defeated, or the nearby ones will be alerted (forcing a 3 or 4 bird fight). Remember to revive any fallen blues.

When you get back to the way point, take 20 blues down and open the sewer entrance (takes 10 to open). After the column has been pulled out of the way, 50 zombies will appear around you in the water. Run away towards the other column in the water on the far side of the pond, then kill one or two zombies at a time (blues are much weaker than browns).

Before heading into The Understreets (sewer), head across the pond and open up the column there. Then, go under the bridge. There is some treasure on a little island. Continue forward under another bridge. You'll find a blue spawning pool and some poison gas. Head up the hill. You are now on the other side of the cemetery. Head to the left and turn the wench to open a bridge back to the start (near the sheep). Head down and to the left and around to find ~10% of equipment and various treasure in some boxes.

Now head back to the beginning and trade your blues for browns. If you want to get the green spawning pool (it has no use), bring 5 greens to clean up the various poison gas (start by heading back down to the water). Otherwise, head into the rear of the cemetery, kill the two Zombie Lords and grab the health pillar upgrade (3-5 minions to carry). If you head into the cemetery from the front, there are four masoleums to loot. There are a ton of zombies that you can get some basic equipment from (headgear and weapons), and a fiery field on the left side (requires 10 red minions to open). However, the fire field only has red beetles and a red spawning pool in the back, so its not worth the time (if you need red souls, go to the dungeon and fight the fiery beetles there). Head back and go to the tower, defeat any dungeon groups that you haven't (except zombie lords, as they are very difficult).

Warp to Heaven's Peak - Swamp, do not summon any minions. Head into the sewer entrance to reach The Understreets.

The Understreets[edit]

Inside, ignore everything and walk into the large room. Zombies are up on the left. Head to the right and note the wench (you can't get to it until much later). Walk around to the blue summoning pool and grab 10 blues. Run them down into the water to open up the brown summoning pool. Be careful, if you go to the right side you can summon browns, but they will immediately drown when they hit the water. Surround the brown summoning pool with your blues, then summon 10 browns. They will all die. Run your blues around until all corpses have been picked up. Then run them to land and revive the browns. Now you'll have a strong army to take on the zombies with, and lots of blues to keep reviving them if necessary.

Now destroy all of the crates in the area - they have some equipment in them. Head back to the stairs in the big room. There is a pipe on the right you can walk the browns across. Walk them across and halt them so they don't attract zombies. Now run across the water with the blues, re-group, then immediately attack the first wave of zombies that you have just attracted. Use lots of fireballs, and get ready to pick up the corpses with blues. Finish sweeping the area, then move on into the small hallway.

In the small hallway there are a lot of crates and ~5-10 zombies spread out. Head through and you'll reach a fork.

Find the four wench levers[edit]

Head to the left and deal with the birds. The trick here is to wait/guard the browns anywhere. You do not have to fight the birds. Then take the blues and grab an egg. Run the egg away and drop it. Take your blues and run them to grab the wench lever. Then return to the fork and head to the right. Break through the mushrooms/boxes.

Clear out all of the zombies on the land here and to the left up by the empty wench and the metal door. You can get a bunch of gold and equipment if you head to the right of the metal door. However, you will have to sweep and retreat your minions a lot to avoid getting killed by the Zombie Lord ranged attacks. Sweep minions down the metal ramp across from the Zombie Lords. Break the boxes on the right here. This is a safe spot where the Zombie Lord projectiles will be blocked by the broken pillar. Now break the boxes on the left. Gather up all the equipment. Now sweep minions to the far right to get the other boxes. Head back to the swampy water area.

Lever #2[edit]

Along the swampy lower area with water there is a gate in the water. Do not break it. Zombies are behind it, and you will get an easy way to defeat them soon enough. Head up the stairs on the other side. Clear out the beetle and the boxes. Break down the wooden door. This is the Silent Order's room, but all of the priests died from the plague. Clear out the zombies, discover the brown spawning pool, turn the wench to open another hallway, then head up the ramp and grab lever #2.

Head into the hallway on the left where there is a burning gate. Since you don't have reds you'll have to go around. For now, grab 15 blues and head into the sewers. Halfway through the water there will be a room on the right with a bunch of spawning pools and a health fountain. Do not enter the room. Once you enter, a huge group of zombies will appear in the sewer and block your exit. If this happens, you will take a lot of casualties and maybe even die. Do your best to escape. If there are zombies chasing you, head back the way you came and summon browns to finish them off. Then head back through with 15 blues. On the other side you will have to take out a few beetles. Head up to the top and discover the red spawning pool. Summon 5 reds. Break down the fiery barrier. Beside the red spawning pool, have your red minions kill most of the zombies down in the water. Then unsummon the reds and grab 20 blues.

Lever #3[edit]


Lever #4[edit]

Head into the water with your 20 blues and break down the gate. Defeat the leftover zombies and pick up the equipment they dropped. Move along the wall closest to the Zombie Lords and skirt underneath it so they can't shoot you. Clear out the few zombies, one by one, and retreat with any casualties to revive them. Then take out each zombie lord one by one as they follow you down the stairs and into the water. Get the treasure up here (there is a minion-only ramp on the wall). Grab lever #4 and return it to the wench. Turn the wench to open the metal door.


As you enter through the metal door a cutscene occurs with a silent order priest mumbling to you before running into a campsite. If you linger here, you'll notice a cliff with some birds below. If you have red minions, you can kill some of them, but they will respawn, so move on. In the campsite there are spawning pools of all colors. Kill all of the peasants and the priest if you are going for the really evil ending.

Head into the next big room. Send a blue minion towards the wench in the room. As it approaches, a cutscene occurs and a water snake appears.

Water snake trap[edit]

To deal with this snake, ignore trying to kill it for now. Also ignore the treasure behind it. Grab a bird egg and run it to the snake's body and drop it there. The birds will keep the snake busy. Now run a group of 12 blues onto the wench to turn it. The snake may begin to eat your blues when most of the birds are eaten. If so, back off, wait for it to attack the birds again, and finish turning. Otherwise, run another egg over and finish turning it. A door will open, and the snake will disappear. Send all of your blues back into the spawning pool. Head through the open door and up towards the health fountain. Discover the brown spawning pool and pull out 20 browns. Take the browns over to the closest ground to the snake. The snake will re-appear. Wait for it to lunge, and use the tactics from the last water snake fight to kill it.

Now return the browns and get 20 blues to pick up the treasure quickly. As they reach the second staircase by the health fountain, recall them. Put 15 back so you just have 5 blues, then grab 15 browns. Clear out the room full of zombies, then pick up the new domination spell (level 2 spell - confusion), then finish collecting the three bags of gold.

Approach the double door to exit into Heaven's Peak.

Heaven's Peak castle town[edit]

You will appear behind a strong gate. Destroy both halves and a knight will yell "Intruder!" before attacking. Sic all of your minions on him. The peasants will tell you that the knights work for Sir William and won't let them out of the gates. Head forward and up the ramp on the left to kill two knights at once, then turn the wench to open the front gate. The peasants will thank you. One will mention a rumor of a magical forge in another dungeon and you'll get a new sub-quest to find the smelter.

If you're going for really evil, run down to the front gates and kill all of the people trying to escape, then clear the town of citizens. Then use five minions to capture the red dragon head object. Follow them back to the warp point to get Flamethrower, the level 2 fireball spell.

Change up your minions so you have 5 blues, 8 brown, 5 red, and 2 green.

Head back into Heaven's Peak and go up the ramp on the right to kill the last knight here. Open up the fire. Clear out the zombies. Continue forward until you reach some humans. They will thank you, then creepily threaten you, then turn into zombies. Feel free to kill them before they transform.

Eventually you will reach a statue and all four summon pools. Continue up the stairs, then down to the left push down the bridge. Head back up to the Halfway to Heaven Inn, kill the humans outside, then enter.

Halfway to Heaven Inn[edit]

You will quickly realize that this is a brothel. After exploring for a bit, some crises occurs and a man runs out of a door. A person in a hooded red robe will run away through the door. If you are going for really evil, attack one of the humans to begin a bar room brawl. Kill everyone and break open all of the boxes. You will get a lot of equipment here.

Follow after the red robed person. Another cutscene of them fleeing will occur. Down the hallway is a bunch of rats and some barrels. Be prepared. Once you open the barrels, five waves of 20 rats will attack you. You will have a few casualties, but your blues should be able to revive them.

Keep going and you'll get to a nice room with a whole bunch of red robed people. They will say you reach the Red Order. Kill them all. They will attack you eventually anyways and it does not affect your evilness. Open the first door to fight a few more robed people and grab the yellow pillar (+5 minions). Then open the second door to kill a sheep and some more guys. Head down that hallways, then send some minions to the right to turn the wench and open the door.

Go back and then into the hallway you unlocked. At the end of the hallway is another room with a ton of red people. Clear them out. A cutscene occurs when you get close to the wench about Sir William and his succubus queen, who apparently is responsible for the chaos. As you turn the wench, more red people will appear. Kill them all. Head to the right and go up the stairs. Open the door and kill the rats and discover the red summoning pool. Then head up the stairs and turn the wench to unlock the rear door to the entrance of the inn.

Head back down to the wench and go through the big door you opened.

Now you fight the Succubus Queen. She is a stronger version of the normal succubus. Attack her like usual and chase her around the room. Try to keep your blues and reds back to avoid getting hit by her AoE sweep. After the fight, grab the statue in the room and capture it (what does it do?).

Mana boost[edit]

Head out of the inn and back down to the bridge you opened up. Head down, clear all of the zombies out of the alley way, then head around to the right, outside of the castle walls (through the break in the wall). Follow the path down to where you see the Zombie Lords on the cliff. Rush down and turn the wench, keeping blues back to pick up casualties. Then take your army across the bridge, clear the zombies, then head down and clear the birds. Use your blues to capture the blue pillar (+1 mana bubble). Take it all the way back to the Heaven's Peak way point.

Now head back down into The Understreets to go after the smelter. Inside The Understreets, clear the beetles, then look for the staircase leading down. Use your 5 reds to break down the fiery barriers and head into Understreets (2).

Understreets (2)[edit]

This floor is one big loop. Follow the path around to the left and you will fight lots and lots of zombies all the way around. Eventually you will get to a cutscene and a fiery looking zombie will be summoning more zombies. Clear all of the first zombies, then head straight to the fiery zombie to put an end to the summonings. Clear the room, then continue on.

The final room contains two fiery red zombies. Select your browns and sweep them around the room to clear the floor. Then sweep them up the ramp to the right and kill the first fiery red zombie. Then clear the base floor again before going for the one on the left. Grab the smelter, then make sure the exit loop bridge is opened (turn the 4 minion wench).

Head back up to Heave's Peak.

Go back to where you found the break in the castle wall to get the last mana boost. Head all the way up, correct your army, then head into Angelis Keep.

Angelis Keep[edit]

This final dungeon for Heaven's Peak is short, but intense. You will have to fight more red robed enemies than ever before. Enter and prepare an army of 18 browns and 7 blues. Greens and reds are useless here. The extra blues are there in case a large group gets hit. You will not be able to return to the entrance to stock up on blues, so be careful. It is possible to beat this area without them.

Head into the fray. Attack the red enemies. The first hallway has a cutscene that shows Sir William.

Eventually you get to a huge room with a ton of red robed enemies. This room is not about clearing it, but about killing as many enemies as you can. After a while, or maybe if you approach the center (how it triggers is not certain to who wrote this), Sir William will run off and a door will open. Now you can clear the room if need be, but just exit to the next hallway. Stock up on browns if you lost any minions. Break stuff if you need equipment, then head down the hallway.

You'll reach a room with two succubi. They are easy. Focus on one, keep a few going after the other so it can't kill the minion it targets. When it gets down to one, you can finish it off quickly with Flamethrower.

Head down the hallway. There is a wench missing a lever and a door. You will hear Velvet talking.

Head into the final room. Sir William will face you. He summons red robed minions and teleports away. If he is in the center of the room, he will do a huge AoE attack that will kill unarmored minions, so watch out. Chase him back and forth and finish him off with Flamethrower.

After he dies, a cutscene happens and red robed guys circle him. Sir William is kneeling. Approach and strike him once and he will explode.

A cutscene happens and you meet the voluptuous Velvet. You now have the choice to be with Velvet or Rose. If you choose Velvet, you will get more evilness and you will unlock the Green and Red minion equipment upgrades (available through the tower customization menu; first upgrade is 750 gold, the other is 5000 gold, so upgrade red minions first!).

You will automatically return to the tower. Heaven's Peak is now cleared!

+5 minion upgrade in Mellow Hills[edit]

Head back to the first area, grab 5 blue minions, head to the right over the fallen stone bridge, down to the water and grab the upgrade.

Gold in Evernight Forest[edit]

Now that you have blues, summon a group of 10 and head down to the right, close to the green minion lair, and grab the five gold bag hidden behind a breakable gate. Ignore the Skull Rats that appear.

4th vine[edit]

In the swampy area of Evernight, near Oberon, there is a stone that takes 5 blues to move. Take a group of 10 or 15 blues. Kill the frogs. Go up and follow the trail. When it branches, go down behind the poison and find the summoning pool for greens. Summon 10 to kill the beetles, clear all the poison, then put them back. Go up the trail. Some elves tell you about a health upgrade and sacred grounds. If you are going for extra evil, cast a fire spell on the grass and it will kill everything and give you a bonus to your evilness. If going for good, bring a ton of browns to take out the unicorns. Get the health upgrade and destroy the vine.

Follow the health upgrade back to the Evernight Forest - Swamps waypoint.

5th vine[edit]

Head over to the left of Oberon. Head into the Skull Den. There is a mana upgrade in here, too. Break the node. At the end of the skull den you will exit to a familiar place. Hit the wench to make a bridge over the 6th vine.

6th vine[edit]

Head to the final area by going up the trail and into the Mother Goddess Temple.

Bring a group of 15 blues and 15 browns. Take out the trolls, elves, and ninjas. You have to go left all the way and open each sarcophogus, then to the right and do the same. After opening the four key sarcophogi, the middle opens.

Head to the middle for a cutscene about a thief and a huge guy named Khan who works for the Overseers. Grab the spell off of the staircase, Berserk, and then try to break the node. When you do, two trolls and some elves appear. Kill the first troll that comes at you, then the second, then the elves. Break the node. Head back to the tower. Then teleport back to Evernight Forest.



Head to Oberon with 20 browns and 10 blues.

The fight consists of two phases: vulnerable and invulnerable. Each vulnerable phase will last until Oberon takes damage. After he takes damage he will switch to the invulnerable phase. After the third invulnerable phase he will die.

Vulnerable phase[edit]

During this phase you can send a group of minions up to Oberon to attack him. 5-10 will do. If no enemies are around you can send all of your minions.

Oberon will also summon roots that shoot out of the ground. You will know where they will shoot up based on the frothing dirt on the ground. Avoid those spots quickly or your minions will instantly be killed. They are easy to avoid.

Invulnerable phase[edit]

Oberon will summon minions during this phase. The minions come in three waves:

  1. Frogs: wait until they approach, then take them out with your whole group of minions.
  2. Two unicorns. These will remain separate on either side of the arena. Kill one at a time. Use flamethrower to finish them off if they group up.
  3. Two forest trolls, four Skull Rats, and two large Skull guys with maces. Drag the trolls back as far as you can. Sic one or two minions on the rear troll to keep him more separate. Attack the first one. Pull back when either one is about to jump. Use flamethrower to take out the trolls and the big skull monsters. The rest should be easy.

After defeating Oberon[edit]

Grab the Level 2 Shield spell off the ground (5 minions) to get the Shock Shield for the Overlord.

The Golden Hills[edit]

After defeating Oberon, head through the passageway that opens. Head straight ahead to the waypoint.

Continue forward and you'll get a cutscene about bombs and dwarves. With your large group of minions you can take out two Dwarves at a time safely. Clear the village (destroy every house so they do not spawn more dwarves).

+1 mana bubble[edit]

At the upper right corner of the dwarf village is a blue pillar (+1 mana bubble).