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The logo for PC-FX.
The console image for PC-FX.
ManufacturerNEC Corporation
Total Games62 (6 present)
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The PC-FX is a CD-based console first released by NEC Corporation in 1994. The PC-FX was never released outside Japan.

Unusually for consoles at the time, the PC-FX stands upright like a computer tower. The hardware was also available as an internal PC card compatible with the NEC PC-9801 line and MS-DOS-based systems. This version included software for designing games for the system, although compatibility problems prevented these games from running on the standalone console.

The PC-FX was unsuccessful, due in part to launching in the same year as the significantly more powerful Sega Saturn and PlayStation. NEC relaxed their content guidelines in an attempt to increase the PC-FX's library, and as a result the system has quite a few hentai and dating sim games.

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