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Super Nintendo Sega Genesis Action
Neutral Dpad Neutral dpad Use the D-Pad to direct the crosshair around the screen, just like in Namco's other first-persons: Golly! Ghost!, Steel Gunner, and Starblade.
Neutral Dpad + Y Button Neutral dpad + C button Look in a direction
B Button B button Press and hold this button to pull back the slingshot, then release it again to make it fire off a rock at wherever the crosshair is positioned.
X Button A button Press this button to make the slingshot fire a power pellet (provided that you have one, of course) at wherever the crosshair is positioned; in the Sega Genesis version, this is replicated with the A Button given that its controller only possesses three buttons as opposed to the SNES's six.
Y Button C button Use this button in conjunction with the D-Pad, to try to make Pac-Man look in a specific direction; it can also be used to speed up the text during the cutscenes. In the Sega Genesis version, this is replicated with the C Button - again, given that its controller only possesses three buttons.
Start Button Start button Use this button to pause the game and bring up the item menu, then use that D-Pad to scroll left and right through the items (and see what Pac-Man says).
Select Button Start button Use this button to bring up the overworld map, which will normally only be seen when Pac-Man takes the Ropeway and the Railway.



Pac-Man 2 Pac-Man.gif
Pac-Man 2 Super Pac-Man.gif

The super cool hero of this game. Namco's signature character, having looked like he did in Ordyne when he was in Pac-Attack, now looks like the 16-bit version of how he did in Pac-Land; to the left is how he appears normally, while to the right is how he appears after eating a power pellet and transforming into "Super Pac-Man". In this game, he is not under the player's control - and as a result of it, the player must tell him where to go and what to do, by shooting at his environment with rocks. Almost everything in the game can be shot (including Pac-Man himself); however, you should know that doing this will either make him angrier or sadder, depending on his current mood. But there are many ways for you to boost Pac-Man's mood, such as eating something, holding a balloon, completing a mission, collecting an important item, getting a high score at either of the Game Center or hearing music - and this will make it easier to direct him. However, when he is not "Super Pac-Man", he is far from invulnerable, (and there are also many ways for him to get injured and even die); these include getting flicked by the cow's tail at Stock Farm and seizing to death, getting attacked by the cat at Old Arcade, getting covered in ketchup by the hotdog vendor at Old Arcade (after you shoot him), tripping over a rock at Park and landing on a skateboard which flies up into the air then comes down on him, getting slammed into the wall of a pink-haired man's house after he opens his door on Village Way (but if he is angry, the opening door will just knock him back a little), and getting frustrated with Lucy's screaming in Lucy's Room (after you shoot her).

Ms. Pac-Man[edit]

Pac-Man 2 Ms. Pac-Man.gif

The star of her own arcade game and Pac-Man's video sweetheart. Originally the unauthorized creation of Namco's old U.S. distributor, Midway Games, Pac-Man's wife appears in her anthropomorphic form (for the first time in a decade); in the SNES version, you can also collect three video cartridges to play an enhanced remake of the NES version of her game (in the Sega Genesis version, it is "Pac-Jr.").


Pac-Man 2 Pac-Baby.gif

The cute little tot with an appetite so big even the ghosts are afraid to come near her! Based on a second unauthorized (but admittedly male) creation of Midway Games, the first mission focuses on Pac-Man having to get more milk for her as they have run out and she is still hungry.


Pac-Man 2 Pac-Jr..gif

The radical rock'n roller of the family. He hopes to star in his own game some day. Based on third unauthorized creation of Midway Games, the third mission focuses on Pac-Man having to get his guitar back for him as it has been stolen by three of the ghosts and taken to the city; in the Sega Genesis version, you can also collect three video cartridges to play his all-new game (which is not a conversion of Jr. Pac-Man).


Pac-Man 2 Blinky.gif Pac-Man 2 Pinky.gif Pac-Man 2 Inky.gif Pac-Man 2 Clyde.gif Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. Four crazy ghosts that love to terrorize people. The four original members of the ghost gang appear in their anthropomorphic forms for the first time in seven years, and will cause Pac-Man to go into "scared" mode until you fire a power pellet at him; he will then transform into "Super Pac-Man" as they turn blue, and fly around the screen to eat them. They are often found hiding in objects with eyes, including dustbins, boxes and frying pans - and on three occasions, the last one eaten will leave an ID Card behind, which you will need to open the Locked Door at the end. They are also now under the tyranny of the Ghost Witch of Netor, who was created specifically for this game.

Ghost Witch of Netor (????)[edit]

Pac-Man 2 Ghost Witch of Netor.gif

Nobody knows for sure just what it is. But rumor has it, this mysterious being is often seen lurking underground with the ghosts. Created specifically for this game, this blue-skinned woman is the tyrannical ruler of the four original ghosts; at the end of the first three missions, the ghosts return to the factory and tell her they have failed, to which she will retaliate by causing them to explode as their eyes fly away.


Pac-Man 2 Lucy.gif

Also created specifically for this game, this human girl is a good friend of Pac-Man in the Pac-Land; if you can make him go to her house on Village Way, you will see that she is trying to shift a couch. If Pac-Man is feeling mischievous, he will sit on the couch and bounce on it - but if he is not, he will walk over to where Lucy is standing, and push it to the left, revealing one of the three video cartridges needed to play Ms. Pac-Man (or Pac-Jr.) under it. But however frustrated you may get if Pac-Man is bouncing on the couch you should never shoot Lucy; if you do she will start screaming and nothing will make her stop as Pac-Man walks over to her and gets frustrated himself before being irised-out on ("dying"). The second mission of the game also focuses on Pac-Man having to take the Ropeway up to the Mountains, to pick some fresh flowers for her birthday.

Gum Monster[edit]

Pac-Man 2 Gum Monster.gif

In the final mission of the game, after Pac-Man sees a news report on the television announcing that the ghosts are terrorizing the city by stealing "ABC" (already been chewed) gum from its children, the Ghost Witch of Netor takes over the broadcast and tells Pac-Man that she's tired of his meddling, her Gum Monster will rise soon and he will get munched this time; once he has opened the Locked Door at the end, he will enter its room. The Gum Monster stands in the pool of gum in the centre of the room, while the Ghost Witch can be seen running around and egging him on through the window in the background - and you will then have to fire a Power Pellet at Pac-Man, to make him transform into "Super Pac-Man" (if you do not have any left, he will grab Pac-Man, and make him seize to death). As Super Pac-Man flies around the room, you will have to shoot his head (and his arms as he is about to extend them, as he will make him fly into the walls of the room and temporarily stun him if he hits him); you can tell when he is weakening because he starts flashing, but he will always be growing, so you have to shoot him back into the pool as quickly as possible. Once he's receded back into the pool, you win the game.