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Pac-Man 2 Password Screen.png

Enter these codes at the password screen shown above; in the passwords, "@" indicates the Pac-Man symbol, as it cannot be typed out on a keyboard.

Genesis Passwords[edit]

Password Effect
9M57ZDP Start at Arrival Point
9437ZBM Start at Construct Area
5RKPZBK Start at Ropeway Station, left side
Q4NV43@ Start at Gum Monster!!!
98NSGD6 Start at Department Store
PCMN0RG Play Pac-Man
PCJRDPW Play Pac-Jr.
18NSZXP Start at Sewer
HR4S1XR Start at Warehouse
J85S1VP Start at Secret Plant
HRM91XR Start at Biochemical Lab
J0M9ZVP Start at Locked Door
S0@NDTP Sound Test
P@TT@RN Pattern Test
TR@@LMP Time Trial

SNES Passwords[edit]

Password Effect
YF@W4XW Start at Pac-Man's House (left side)
@F@V5TW Start at Pac-Man's House (right side)
ZYBW4VT Start at Pac-Man's Room
YFTWMXW Start at Stock Farm (left side)
FFVXNTW Start at Stock Farm (right side)
FF@D3TW Start at Old Arcade (left side)
ZYVWMVT Start at Old Arcade (right side)
FYTW4XC Start at Old Game Center
ZY@C2VT Start at Park (left side)
FYBD3WW Start at Park (right side)
FYTC4XW Start at Village Way (left side)
YFTC4XW Start at Village Way (right side)
ZYVW4V@ Start at Lucy's Room
ZYVC4VT Start at Village Way (exiting Lucy's house)
FFTDB2W Start at Dangerous Cave
OFYFJJ8 Start at Gum Monster!!!
PCMNDPW Play Pac-Man
PACMANP Play Pac-Man (Japanese version)
MSPCMND Play Ms. Pac-Man
MPACDPW Play Ms. Pac-Man (Japanese version)
PCMNPTT Pattern Test
TRLMDPW Time Trial

It is also worth noting that if you have to reset the game as a result of being in a hopeless situation and use the passwords, it will erase your percentage; also, if you use the ones that invoke Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man (or Pac-Jr. on the Genesis version), they will not return to the main game at game-over.