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  • Joystick: Use the 4-way joystick to direct your Pac-Man (the original yellow for 1P, but green for 2P) around each of the game's twenty-three mazes.
  • Button: The button on that Namco Classics Collection Vol. 2 control panel has no function here (it is only there for the Rally-X and Dig Dug variants).
  • 1 or 2 Player Buttons: Push these buttons to begin the game as player 1 or player 2.



NCV2-PM Pac-Man (1P).gif
NCV2-PM Pac-Man (2P).gif

The title character himself needs no reintroduction (but this time there are two of him); Player 1 controls the original yellow Pac-Man shown to the left, while Player 2 controls that fluorescent green version of him shown to the right, as they guide them through the game's mazes and on to victory. They must avoid contact with the four returning ghosts, unless they happen to be charging towards them, after eating up a Dash Arrow, or are temporarily scared of them after eating a power pellet - and both Pac-Mans will receive an extra life at 40000 points by default (as well as when they eat the powerup that resembles them), but this setting can be changed to 40000 and 100000 points or disabled altogether. A second player can join a game in progress at any time, but will not receive anything free on doing so; in a two-player game, the amount of pellets each Pac-Man ate will be tabulated at the end of a round, and the one who ate more shall receive a 3000-point bonus as the text "WIN!" appears above their pellet total (and the word "LOSE" appears above the other player's pellet total). Dig Dug Arrangement also tabulates the amount of points both players score after the end of every round.

Blinky (Urchin)[edit]

NCV2-PM Blinky.gif
NCV2-PM Blinky (Super).gif

Known by his original names of Oikake and Akabei in the Japanese version, Blinky and Clyde's names are mistakenly swapped on the title screen of the American version (but this guide will refer to them by their original names to avoid confusion); when Kinky melds with him, he shall take on the look of an enraged bull and be able to charge horizontally towards the Pac-Mans if he happens to be in the same aisle as one of them.

Pinky (Romp)[edit]

NCV2-PM Pinky.gif
NCV2-PM Pinky (Super).gif

Also known by his original name of Machibuse in the Japanese version, Pinky makes his last official appearance as a male here; however, he was still depicted as a male in the unofficial Pac-Man titles released after 1999 (such as Genie's Puckman Pockimon from 2000). When Kinky melds with him, he shall take on the look of a rabbit, and be able to jump directly from his current position to either of the Pac-Mans' (indicated by glowing concentric circles) - however, the only way he can kill a Pac-Man by doing it is if they can't move off his landing spot in time, or if he traps them.

Inky (Stylist)[edit]

NCV2-PM Inky.gif
NCV2-PM Inky (Super).gif

Known by his original names of Kimagure and Aosuke in the Japanese version, Inky shall gain a pair of dark glasses after Kinky melds with him, and be able to spawn a transparent copy of himself on the other side of the maze (which will disappear when a power pellet is eaten).

Clyde (Crybaby)[edit]

NCV2-PM Clyde.gif
NCV2-PM Clyde (Super).gif

Known by his original names of Otoboke and Guzuta in the Japanese version, Clyde (who is mistakenly referred to by Blinky's name on the title screen of that American version) will become obese after Kinky melds with him, and attempt to slow the Pac-Mans down by spitting out larger 20-point pellets; this means that if Kinky manages to meld with him on a round where he is going for him, he can prolong the Pac-Mans' stay on it.

Kinky (?????)[edit]

NCV2-PM Kinky.gif

Known as both Hinekure and Kinzo in the Japanese version, this new, sunglasses-wearing ghost (who is edible at all times) will materialize in the ghost regenerator (as the background noise from the original Pac-Man and Super Pac-Man starts to be heard from the C352); if either of the Pac-Mans eats him, he'll act as a power pellet, and turn the four returning ghosts vulnerable (and they are worth the familiar 200, 400, 800, 1600, and 3200 when eaten, but if either Pac-Man eats a power pellet first then eats Kinky before it wears off, their point value will not reset, so every ghost eaten after the fifth one is worth 7650 points). Also, when a "super" ghost is eaten he is worth twice his usual point value - and Kinky initially only has two chances to meld with one ghost, but from the seventh round, he'll have three chances to meld with two (and from the eleventh round, four chances to meld with three). From the fifteenth round, he will have five chances to meld with all four ghosts - and from the nineteenth round, he will have six to do the same.

Bonus items[edit]

Regular bonus items[edit]

Round 1 2 3 4 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12 13-14 15-16 17-18 19-20 21-22
Item NCV2-PM Pineapple.gif NCV2-PM Mushroom.gif NCV2-PM Cherries.gif NCV2-PM Peach.gif NCV2-PM Strawberry.gif NCV2-PM Orange.gif NCV2-PM Bananas.gif NCV2-PM Grapes.gif NCV2-PM Aubergine.gif NCV2-PM Galaxian Flagship.gif NCV2-PM Bell.gif NCV2-PM Key.gif NCV2-PM Padlock.gif
Points 100 200 300 500 700 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000

Special bonus items[edit]

  • NCV2-PM Red Capsule.gif Red Capsule: This one shall increase the speed of the Pac-Man who eats it for a short period of time (like the green pellets did in Pac-Mania).
  • NCV2-PM Pink Capsule.gif NCV2-PM Brown Sack.gif Pink Capsule and Brown Sack: These two will cause all five ghosts to fly into an enormous sack in their regenerator for a few seconds.
  • NCV2-PM Blue Capsule.gif Blue Capsule: This one shall spawn a transparent copy of the Pac-Man who eats it upon the other side of the maze, for a short period of time.
  • NCV2-PM Orange Capsule.gif Orange Capsule: This one shall increase the pellet-digesting speed of the Pac-Man who eats it for a short period of time, as some are bigger.
  • NCV2-PM Gold Capsule.gif Gold Capsule: This one will give the Pac-Man who eats it 100 extra points (and cause him to laugh like Inky does when he spawns his copy).
  • NCV2-PM Magic Wand.gif Magic Wand: This will transform all five ghosts into gift-wrapped boxes which are all worth 1000 points when eaten, for a short period of time.
  • NCV2-PM Extra Life.gif Extra Life: This one resembles the original (yellow, and Player 1's) Pac-Man, and will (as its name implies) give the one who eats it an extra life.

Dash Arrows[edit]

NCV2-PM Dash Arrow.gif

On the fourth, eighth, twelfth, sixteenth and twentieth rounds, between four and eight of these items (which initially have the word "DASH" above them) will be present in the maze; when either Pac-Man eats one by moving over it in the direction that it is pointing he will charge from one side of the maze to the other (and temporarily put any inedible ghosts he passes into a spin as they emit a Cosmo Gang-style "AÏE!" scream). However, if the four returning ghosts are edible, they shall be eaten when a Pac-Man eats a Dash Arrow by moving over it in the direction it is pointing and passes them.