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Many people have made different strategies for completing modes on Pacman C.E, but only some are reliable. One of these strategies is to trick the ghosts by travelling through one of the many gates which lead you to the opposite side of the game map and repeating it,because even though it may seem tedious after a while,but the ghosts will very rarely follow you down the gates unless they are very close to you,and if this ever does happen,Inky is the most likely offender (the blue tinted ghost),so be very cautious.It is also very wise that if at the start of the game the map is full of Power Pellets,you should eat the ghosts as many times as possible in succession so that you can gain as many lives as possible before using this strategy.Apart from that,theres not much to it really,except if you want to ignore my advice and constantly be chased by ghosts for a period of 5-10 minutes straight,make sure you never get caught by the smartest and craftiest ghost from the pack,Blinky(Reddy-pink tinted ghost).Of course the other ghosts have their perks too,but you will figure them out by yourself surely when you play the game.