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Pac-Man Monsters
Box artwork for Pac-Man Monsters.
Japanese titleパックマンのモンスターズ
Developer(s)GREE, Inc.
Publisher(s)Bandai Namco Games
Release date(s)
System(s)Android, iOS
Mode(s)Single player
Rating(s)Low Maturity
TwitchPac-Man Monsters Channel
YouTube GamingPac-Man Monsters Channel

Pac-Man Monsters is a puzzle RPG game developed by GREE, Inc. and published by Namco Bandai for play on Android and iOS devices. It is available to download for free from the Google Play store, and the iTunes App Store.

The design of Pac-Man Monsters borrows heavily from another hugely popular mobile puzzle RPG, Puzzle & Dragons. In the game, players must construct a party of various elemental types, and use them to defeat monsters that they encounter along each section of a "Quest". Some of the monsters encountered may be captured and included in your party. You earn experience points which are used to increase your level after defeating monsters. The monsters you capture may be leveled up by sacrificing other monsters, and some monsters may even evolve into new, more powerful monsters. Other opportunities to earn rare and powerful monsters are obtained by collecting power pellets and medals. More power pellets can be obtained through in-app purchases.

Where Pac-Man Monsters differs from Puzzle & Dragons is the mechanism by which puzzle pieces are removed, and the source of inspiration for the monsters. In order to remove puzzle pieces, the player must drag a path across the pieces, and Pac-Man will follow this path, eating dots, fruit, monsters, and power-pellets along the way. The colors of the items he eats translates into power for the various monsters in your party, which they then use to attack the enemies. The source of inspiration for the monsters comes from a variety of Namco licenses. To date, the game has featured events based off of The Tower of Druaga, Galaga, Pac-Land, Rally-X, and Genpei Tōma Den. Monsters have also been featured in the main game based off of the character Rick from Splatterhouse.

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