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Mouse Control[edit]

In PANZER GENERAL II, whenever the mouse passes over a button or hex, smart text, describing the area under the cursor, appears in information bars at the top and bottom of the screen, or beside the unit or button in question. This makes identifying buttons and units easy during game play.

The term “ click” means moving the mouse pointer to the desired area on the screen and pressing the left mouse button. “Right-click” means moving the mouse pointer to the desired area and pressing the right mouse button.

Right-clicking on a unit will display the View Unit panel, displaying quick statistics for a unit such as attack range, current ammunition and fuel. Right clicking on an unoccupied hex will deselect a unit.

Left-clicking on a unit will select it, at which point you can issue orders to move or attack based on where you click next. Once selected, the darkened area indicates a unit's possible range of movement. Clicking an unoccupied hex will order the unit to move to that hex. Clicking on an enemy unit (provided it is within range of the unit) will issue the order to attack or assault the position.

If an enemy unit is within the currently selected unit’s attack range, an attack reticule appears when hovering the cursor over it. On this reticule are given the expected reductions in strength points for both sides; your projected casualties are listed below your nations flag, and your enemy’s losses are listed under the opposition flag. The numbers displayed are not guaranteed, but are an estimation of the strength losses that may be incurred in an attack. Left-clicking on an enemy unit with the attack reticule over it initiates an attack. Normally, if that enemy unit’s range is sufficient, it may return fire simultaneously.