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Ghostly Presence[edit]

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A Boo has been sighted in Mushroom Town near the forest. When you approach the forest, a Boo Butler appears and requests you come to the castle within the forest.

Forever More[edit]

Going through the forest, you have to keep an eye out for clues to get to the next section. Whenever something is different when going around the circle path, the closes exit is the one you should take. There are seven sections in all. The clues for each section, in order:

  1. Shaking bushes.
  2. Glowing eyes (as you are told by the dark figure in the forest).
  3. Flowers with large lips on them.
  4. A glowing face on a tree.
  5. 8 pairs of glowing mushrooms.
  6. Smiling flowers (that don't wither).
  7. A sign marks the correct exit.

Manision Maniac[edit]

After finding your way through forest, you'll find yourself at the boo mansion. Open the gate and go through, where bootler will meet you at the front door. After he's gone, head inside. Go up the stairs and walk all the way to the right to find a talking portrait. He'll tell you that his picture is missing, and you're gonna have to solve the mansion's puzzles and find the picture.

Start by going through the door nearest to you. Open the middle cabinet (the other two will fall on you, costing you one hp) to find a circle of boos, and you must keep track of which one has the record. Swing that boo to get the record. Now go to the other room on the top floor to find a boo that guards the treasure chest. Play the record at the record player and keep a steady pace long enough for you to grab the treasure, which is the weight. Head downstairs and jump on the brown spot on the green couch to get launched into the chandelier. Use the weight to hold it down and go through the door revealed behind the cabinet.

Open the treasure chest if you want, it's only a trick where the chandeliers almost drops on you. Head downstairs and through the door. Head into the next door to find a big treasure chest with the same group of boos, but they hold the super boots. Again, keep track of the boots and swing the hammer on the boo that has them. Once you grab the boots, you can ground pound. Ground pound the floor near where the door was previously to find a star piece and ground pound the board in the middle of the room and fall through.

You'll find a shop in here. Press the switches that appear, and use the super boots on the massive switch to make stairs appear. Head back to the first floor. Go through the other door on the first floor and ground pound the board on the floor (you can also jump into the vase to turn into 8-bit Mario from the first game, but the form disappears if you jump back in or leave the room). You'll land on top of the bookshelves of the library and use parakarry to carry you across to the boo portrait. There is a tall stack of crates with a star piece, but you have to use parakarry from the top of the shelves and ground pound the stack. Blow up the wall on the left with bombette and go upstairs. Input the portrait into the frame and jump into the painting to be taken to the top floor and go in either door.

There, a long cutscene with bow and bootler will play, and bow will join you're party. Leave the mansion and head east to take off to the next part of the chapter, Gusty Gulch.

Gusty Gutch[edit]

Bow will have two boos open the gate to gusty gulch, then head east. Next area you'll find a windmill and a few hyper paragoombas. Note that there are hyper versions of all goombas in this chapter. If you end up battling them, defeat them quickly because they are able to charge themselves and cause high damage on the next turn. Continue east, and you'll find a village of boos. Keep going through town to find the ground shake, which means the ghost eating Tubba Blubba is coming. Listen to bow and press down arrow to turn invisible. He'll come by and eat a ghost and leave. Follow tubba back to his castle. On the way, you'll find many hyper goombas and hyper clefts. Note that hyper clefts have higher defense than clefts on mount rugged, and charge up for a turn. A good strategy is to place Bombette down a few steps away, and then walking to trigger the cleft so you can detonate her as it's running towards you. It takes some time, but that first strike is well worth it. Then make your way through the path to find Tubba's castle. Open the large doors and go inside.

Castle of Blubba[edit]

Inside the castle foyer you'll find some sentry guards. Try not to let them catch you, they don't battle you but will throw you out of the castle. Use bow to sneak past. First head to the left door, as the right door is locked. The castle is filled with clubbas, and they have decent hp and have pretty good attack power at this point, so beat them as quick as you can. Using ground pound as a first strike is very helpful. The first door in the hallway contains a room with a D-down jump badge that ignores enemy defense, but is on a high platform and you cannot use the spring so ignore it for now. The next small room contains a clubba with a star piece on the table. Use the crates and chair to reach it. Now head to the big doors at the end of the hallway to find a room with more clubbas, a star piece (can't get it yet, ignore for now), and two doors. Go through the smaller one and go down the stairs, either sneaking around the clubbas or beating them. You'll find a wooden board in the floor. Ground pound it and fall to the basement. Open the treasure chest to find a castle key. There's also a boo down here, claiming he came with a group and got separated. There is a heart block here so heal if needed. Now leave the basement and go up the stairs, carefully avoiding the sentry guard here. Head back to the first room and use the key on the locked door on the right. Go through.

Make your way upstairs and go across the bridge above the main room. The hallway you enter has a clubba sitting in front of a crack in the wall. Beat it and use bombette to blow the crack. Inside, first break the board on the top left. You'll be in the room with the badge. Hop back up and break the top right board. Use parakarry to get the badge. The last board just has you land on the floor. Hop back up to the second floor and continue down the hall. The small door contains a room with a path of spikes. Use bow and time your invisibility to avoid the spikes and open the chest. You'll find another key. Leave and go through the door on the hall's end. A clubba guards the locked door. If you're a big treasure hunter, go to the fence around the gap to the left and drop onto the table with the star piece. Also, the big clock can be pushed to the right to find a hidden room. Here, open the bottom right drawer to reach the one already open, and use parakarry to get on the bed. There may be just coins here, but climb up the bookshelves to find a hidden tunnel with the mega rush badge that increases your power when you're in peril. Leave and open the locked door. Head upstairs and go through the next door.

You'll see Tubba Blubba appear in the hallway. Use bow to sneak around him. This can be a little tricky because of his massive size. If he does manage to catch you, run away. There's no point in fighting him because of invincibility (hence the chapter name the invincible Tubba Blubba). Hurry and move through the small door. This room is filled with clubbas. Fight them if you wish, but if you are low on health, walk slowly past to prevent waking them. Grab the key out of the chest and unlock the other door. You'll find a room with a save block and a heart block. If you wanted to fight all those clubbas, heal yourself and go back for the star points you missed if you like. Otherwise, head east to reach Tubba's bedroom.

Escape from Tubba Blubba Castle[edit]

Go all the way to the left of the bedroom to find a chest, but before you can open it, Tubba Blubba will enter and take a nap. Open the chest to find a talking key. He reveals that he's the key to the windmill you passed by earlier. He'll also assume that you came to steal him to unlock it (which is exactly what you are doing). You may either admit the truth or refuse to. Either way, the key will scream to Tubba Blubba and will wake him. You need to quickly escape the bedroom, don't hang around too long or Tubba will quickly come after you. Note that if he catches you, just run away as usual. Quickly exit the bedroom and cross the bridge, only to be stopped halfway by Tubba and he'll destroy the bridge. You'll land on the bridge below it while tubba jumps down, and Mario will automatically enter the next room. Run down the stairs and enter the main room. Quickly exit the castle while Tubba follows.

After you exit, the boos will keep Tubba trapped inside. Don't worry, this part of the chase is not timed, tubba will be trapped until after you enter the windmill. With that being said, head back to the windmill and unlock the door. Jump down into the well and progress through the tunnels filled with hyper goombas to the end where chapter three's boss lurks.

It Came From the Windmill[edit]

You'll find in the deepest part of the windmill is Tubba Blubba's heart, which was removed from Tubba by bowser to grant him invincibility. After a small conversation, the heart will engage you in a boss battle.

Have bow as your partner. Tubba's heart is able to charge up like the hyper goombas and clefts from earlier, but can cause tons more damage. When he charges up, attack as Mario as normal but use bow's outta sight to avoid the attack, then attack him as usual. Use power jump or power bounce in this fight, but you should only use power bounce if you have great timing. If not, use power jump. If you don't have a lot of flower points, try to save them for bow's outta sight move when you need it. After damaging him greatly. He'll flee. Chase him out of the windmill to witness Tubba's heart reuniting with his body. He may say he feels great, but he's now able to be damaged. Considering he only has 10 hp, you should beat him in 1 or 2 turns. If you have 6 hp or less, either slightly heal or defeat him quickly, because if he manages to jump on you, you're done for. After the battle, he will release all the boos. He also reveals that he's a sensitive guy and does not want to fight Mario again before running away(poor guy). Afterward, bow says he hunted boos because they loved scaring him, but promises to not do it again. She summons bootler and gives you the third star spirit, Skolar. After releasing him, the chapter ends.

PEACH: Bowser's Little Helper[edit]

Sneak out as Peach, and you will find Kammy Koopa trying to tell Bowser that Mario managed to defeat Tubba Blubba. When they spot you, they will ask what Mario hates most. If you want star points, say "hard enemies", but on the other hand, if you're low on items, you can select those and later in the chapter you will find the items by treasure chests.

Boss: Tubba Blubba[edit]

PM Tubba Blubba.gif

Tubba Blubba is the third servant of Bowser to guard a Star Spirit. He is a big blue monster that is half Koopa, half frog, and half kangaroo. He is known as "invincible" to the Boos because he ate too much Boos and he was never beaten. He was shown in Paper Mario. He was first shown in Gusty Gulch getting ready to eat a Boo named Stanley.