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Travel On The Whale[edit]

In order to get to Lavalava Island, you need to help the whale. A Fuzzipede is in its stomach and you need to catch it. Use Watt to do so – first make the Fuzzipede run around by using Watt's special powers. Once he's jumping around, watch where he lands. Go to the place that you can reach. When the Fuzzipede jumps on you, it'll decide to fight you. Beat it and you'll be able to travel on the whale.

Hide And Seek[edit]

The first thing you must do here is get Sushie to join your party. After everyone goes crazy, go west from the main part of the village (that's where the shop and the Toad House are), then through the bush-gate (press A button in the middle of them) and then east. Hit the tree a few times and you'll get her down.

First (Red) Yoshi kid

Go west from the start point in the jungle (travel on Sushie in the water). Then, swim to the western island in that part and do the following: open the first bush-gate, fight the bush-like creature (blue) and press A button on the last bush. The kid will return to the village by himself.

Second (Green) Yoshi kid

Go west, north and then east from the start point in the jungle. After moving the bushes, swim onto the island that's partially elevated. Using the flower, get up on the elevated area. Open both bush-gates and jump down the pipe. Use Watt to light up the room. The kid will get out and safely return.

Third (Purple) Yoshi kid

Head west, north, east and south - this takes you back to the starting position but from another side. After going east, it seems impassable - but it isn't. Simply hit the stump, and you'll have a bridge to go over. Then just swim south to the platform and you're there. To get the kid down, just hit the tree. He'll return home.

Fourth (Yellow) Yoshi kid

Go west, north and twice east. There, you'll see the kid surrounded by two Putrid Piranhas. Fight them and the kid will be able to safely return home.

Fifth (Blue) Yoshi kid

Just go west, north and west. Make a bridge out of a stump there (hit it) and talk to the kid. He'll go home, completing this section!

A present from the Yoshi general[edit]

After finding all the kids, you need to talk to the general. You can find him in the first part of the village (where the little islands are located). He'll be standing by the raven statue. Talk to him, and you'll receive the Jade Raven statuette.

Raphael the Raven[edit]

Once you received the Jade Raven statuette, go to the jungle to use it. If you already made the bridge to the other side before (by hitting the stump), then just go north. If you didn't, then you have to walk around to get there. You'll see a big statue of Raphael the Raven. Just place the statuette in it (by pressing A button) and a path will show.

Go as these show. After moving the statue, it'll seem to have no other exits. Just move the bushes and follow. There will be a rock blocking your way. Just move the blue boxes around until the stone is blown away by water. On the third part, you'll have to move the bushes as well, but this time using the liana (right next to it) to open it. Afterwards there will be three Putrid Piranhas and a White(?) Magikoopa.

After beating them and going forth, you'll see a big tree. Enter it and go up until you're on the top floor. Once you meet and talk to the raven, just follow the lead. He'll wait for you each time, until you speak with him.

Deep into Mt. Lavalava[edit]

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A hot time with Lava Piranha[edit]

Sushie is recommended for this battle at Ultra Rank. The first stage of this battle is easier, as you can make direct contact with Lava Piranha. However, Sushie's first turn should be used to surround Mario with a Sushie's water block ability while Mario should use a Power Bounce (or just plain jump on him).

Escape from Mt. Lavalava[edit]

After you beat the Fire Pirahna and collect the 5th Star Spirit, Misstar, the volcano will start to erupt. The room will start to shake and you enter will enter the room to the right. When you go up the steps the lava will start to rise and you will use Bombette to break through the cracked wall. Once you continue forward to a dead end, Kolorado will find the treasure, but it's too high up so you can't reach it, Misstar will then pick Mario and Kolorado up and fly out of the volcano just in time, after this it will go back to Princess Peach in the Castle.

PEACH: The 64 triva Quiz-off[edit]

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