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Magic Seed Mania[edit]

If you have not done so already, you must collect all four magical seeds for Mihn T.

Seed locations
  • Across from the pipe that leads to the sewers in Toad Town
  • Along the path before Dry Dry Desert
  • In the center of the 3rd map while making your way to Boo's Mansion
  • Give the Volcano Vase to Kolorado after beating chapter 5

Berry Points and Item Points[edit]

You are going to need HP and FP during your time here and to have a decent stock.

HP Berry tree is Right-Center of the save point, simply walk out of the area and come back in, and you can keep getting the Items to heal yourself before and after encounters.

FP Berry tree is Right-Bottom of the save point and does the same thing. Once your fully stocked and healed, it is recommended that you always save at the Save point before heading out on your next task.

Clouds in the Fields[edit]

Mole Patrol[edit]

A Present from Posie[edit]

Lilly in Trouble[edit]

Through the Hedge Maze[edit]

Crystal Berry Search[edit]

The Bubble Berry[edit]

A Tip from the Sun[edit]

The sun is located above and to the left of the save Point. Once you get to the sun he will tell you that the Huff N' Puff machine is somewhere to the east. You need to get to him for your next companion encounter.

Spike appears[edit]

On your way back from the sun you will run into Spike. Spike is a simple encounter that leads to you getting your companion. He stays in the air, so use anti-air like Parakarry and make sure you use Power Jump, Power Bounce or Hammer Throw. After defeating him he will join your party.

The Puff-Puff Machine[edit]

Now that you have spike in your party you can destroy the Huff N' Puff machine located above and to the right of the save point. Which brings you to the Block Puzzle. With spike you can put in the sequence:

  • Red Block Far Left
  • Green Block Far Right
  • Purple Block Left of Far Green Block
  • Green Block Far Left
  • Green Block Far Right
  • Purple Block Far right

Once you're finished you can get past a few enemies and zip by them. Then you come to the Huff N' Puff machine. This fight will have three Cloud guys and a witch, who all hit for 4 damage and will likely get the attack off, be careful. To trigger the fight you just have to hit the machine with your hammer, so you have prep time. Use Multi Bounce, and your new companion's move to strike all enemies for 6, then follow up with Star power to hit for 7. Once defeated hit the machine on both sides to destroy it with your hammer.

The Magic Bean[edit]

Now that you have your items go to the save point. Plant your Soil Bean then water and watch it grow. Make sure your prepped, full health and FP for your battle in the sky.

Battle in the Sky[edit]

Boss fight, Huff N. Puff.

Huff N' Puff is an air enemy as well as all his aides. Hammer moves are useless except Hammer Throw, which is recommended. Otherwise use hard hitting jump moves and items like Lighting to hit him hard and all his aides.

Whenever you inflict damage on him, he will shed Tuff Puffs. He can inhale the Tuff Puffs to restore any damage you deal to him.

Destroy these Tuff Puffs with an AOE (Area of Effect) move. Such as your Star powers or item stocks. Spike is recommended for his Anti-Air AOE.

PEACH: Relief Search[edit]

As peach you now have the transformation mirror umbrella, use it on a guard and go to the guard at the top of the stairs. He will let you pass.

Go to the top and he will give you a Castle Key to get to the next area to find his relief. The relief won't leave his post cause he is too sleepy, steal his appearance and head back to the guard and follow the path to the end.