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The Blue Door[edit]

Go to the fortune teller in Toad Town main square to start the next Chapter. Proceed down the tube into Toad Town tunnels, down the hole (if it's covered double jump pound to break) and go right. Use sushi to swim across and into the next area. Watts special ability will reveal invisible boxes leading to the blue door. Hit them all, use ParaKarry to get across and into the blue door.

Immediately to the left of the frost tube you come out of is a party upgrade. It's a good idea to upgrade Kooper to second level if you haven't yet, He learns Fire shell which can hit all enemies with fire damage. All these enemies in this level are ice.

To the right is Shiver city.

Murder Mystery: The Mayor[edit]

Go to the Mayors house first, far left side, most left house where you will begin the mystery. Your going to want to go far right now to the pond and double jump and smash it till it breaks. Get the key at the bottom with sushi and proceed into the locked warehouse.

Go to the top and across to the next house, Finding Herringways secret room. Talk to him and go back to the mayors house.

Jr. Troopa Encounter[edit]

Make sure your good to go fighting condition before you head out the Gate. Jr. Troopa will be waiting for you on the path.

  • Jr. Troopa will have 50 Health
  • He will be using magic this time for his "Special move". Hitting for 8-9 a hit.

Just have full health, use an ability that hits for 9 every hit like power smash. And use a companion that hits for at least 4 and it will be over in 4 turns, maybe 3 if you know what your doing.

Starborn Valley[edit]

Past the Scary monster is Star Born Valley where there is a save and heal point. Here you will talk to another mystic and he will give you "a scarf". Take the scarf and head back to the Mayor in Shiver City.

The Snowman Guards[edit]

Remember the snowmen in front of the gate to the North. Place your scarf on the first snowman and now you need to place the bucket hat you got from the mayor and now you have your gate to the North.

The Star Stone[edit]

On your way through the enemies you will come to three pillars with some shock and frost items, if you take one you have to replace it to move on. It's a good idea to stock up on some berries before you leave the Flower Field.

At the edge of the cliff you'll see a star shaped inlet for the Star Stone. Jump down, blow up the wall and enter. The wall ahead of you is false, go through it. Get the Stone, go back, place it.