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Paper Mario character Mario.gif

The Mushroom Kingdom's veteran hero and warrior for all that's good. He's always ready for an adventure, and this is one heck of an adventure! He can jump on his foes or use his hammer to smash them into oblivion. When someone, or even the country, needs his help, Mario is there to save them.


Paper Mario character Bowser.gif

The King of the Koopas and Mario's ever-present nemesis. Although Mario has always managed to thwart his nefarious plans before, this time Bowser has a very powerful ace up his sleeve--the wish-granting Star Rod. With the power to make wishes come true in his claws, it seems Bowser has finally gotten the upper hand on his rival. Can Mario find a way to trump his ace?

Princess Peach[edit]

Paper Mario character Peach.gif

Princess Peach has once again been kidnapped, this time, along with her entire castle! But this time she's far from helpless. With the help of a fledgling Star Kid named Twink, the Princess goes on her own little quest to keep Mario informed about Bowser's next move.


Paper Mario Twink.JPG

Twink is a newborn Star Kid who recently rose out of Starborn Valley a few days before the story actually began. Twink comes to Princess Peach's aid to help fulfill her wishes, but is unable to help her escape as she so wants. Instead, he vows to help the Princess give help to Mario, telling him the latest information about Bowser's plans.

Kammy Koopa[edit]

Paper Mario character Kammy Koopa.gif

Kammy Koopa is Bowser's right-hand Koopa, who flies around on her broomstick causing trouble for Mario and his companions. She is the brains that compliments Bowser's brawn.


Mario's younger brother, this green-overall-wearing plumber "guards" the house while Mario is out on his adventure rescuing Princess Peach. He secretly keeps a diary in the basement of his house. He yearns for adventure, enjoys whistling tunes in high places, and obviously has the bottom bunk in the Mario Bros. bunk bed.

Goomba family[edit]

A friendly family of goombas that aids Mario after his defeat at the hands of Bowser. Made up of Goompa the knowledgeable grandfather, Gooma the friendly grandmother, Goompapa the hard-working father, Goomama the protective mother, Goombario the energetic youth who accompanies Mario on his journey, and his caring sister Goombaria.

Merlon and family[edit]

Merlon is a wizard who is capable of predicting the path you take, who has a habit of having weird dreams and telling boring stories. Merle is Merlon's son who has an important job in Starborn Valley. Merluvlee is Merlon's granddaughter who lives in a house near Shooting Star Summit. She can predict the location of items and is apparently extremely beautiful, and over-uses the phrase "My, my...". Merlow is Merluvlee's younger brother, who is quite young and juvenile. He trades Star Pieces for badges and calls Mario Mister. Merlee is Merluvlee's twin who casts a helpful, but random, spell on Mario. She resides in an alley in Dry Dry Outpost.


A famous Koopa explorer. Despite his fame, he is bumbling and greedy, going after the treasure, even risking life and limb.