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Name Location Description
Apple Boo's Mansion Spin/Tornado jump on the wooden boxes to obtain them. Restores 5 HP.
Blue Berry Flower Fields (Southeast) Restores 5 FP.
Bubble Berry Flower Fields (Southeast) The tree that bears this is surrounded by water. Restores 5 HP.
Cake Mix Shy Guy's Toy Box Restores 1 FP.
Coconut Lavalava Island Throw to inflict 3 HP of damage on one enemy.
Dizzy Dial Various Might make some or all enemies dizzy for a few turns.
Dried Fruit Dry Dry Desert Every once in a while, a Pokey will drop this after you defeat it. Restores 15 HP.
Dried Pasta Dry Dry Outpost (Shop) Restores 3 HP and 2 FP.
Dried Shroom Dry Dry Outpost (Shop) Restores 1 HP.
Dusty Hammer Dry Dry Outpost (Shop) Throw to damage an enemy in battle.
Egg Mt. Rugged (Train Station) Check the bushes near the train station. Restores 5 HP.
Fire Flower Various Does 3 HP of damage to all enemies at once.
Fright Jar Various Might frighten some or all enemies away from battle.
Goomnut Goomba Village Hit the tree beside Goombario's house to obtain a Goomnut. Restores 3 FP.
Honey Syrup Various Restores 5 FP.
Iced Potato Shiver City (Toad House) After you take a nap, this will be on the table. Restores 5 HP
Jammin' Jelly Various Restores 50 FP.
Koopa Leaf Koopa Village Check the bushes to find a Koopa Leaf. Restores 3 FP.
Lemon Dry Dry Desert (Oasis) Restores 1 HP and 3 FP.
Life Shroom Various If Mario dies, revives him to 10 HP.
Lime Dry Dry Desert (Oasis) Restores 3 FP.
Maple Syrup Various Restores 10 FP.
Melon Yoshi's Village Take a dish made by Tayce T. to the yellow, adult Yoshi loitering in front of the shop. Restores 15 HP.
Mushroom Various Restores 5 HP.
Mystery Various
Pebble Shiver Mountain Throw to inflict 1 HP of damage on one enemy.
POW Block Various Flips over non-airborne enemies with shells and inflicts 2 HP damage on all enemies.
Red Berry Flower Fields (East) Restores 5 HP.
Repel Gel Various Makes Mario transparent, meaning that enemies cannot hurt him.
Shooting Star Various Does 6 HP worth of damage to all enemies.
Sleepy Sheep Various Might make some or all enemies fall asleep for a few turns.
Snowman Doll Various Does 4 HP worth of damage to all enemies.
Stinky Herb Flower Fields Touch the vegetation patches growing on the walls to obtain. Restores 5 HP.
Stone Cap Toad Town (Harry's Shop) Turns Mario to stone, make him invulnerable to all attacks. Lasts for three turns.
Stop Watch Various Might make some or all enemies unable to move for a few turns.
Strange Leaf Boo's Mansion (Outside) Restores 5 FP.
Super Shroom Various Restores 10 HP.
Super Soda Various Restores 5 FP and relieves poisoning and shrinking.
Tasty Tonic Various Relieves poisoning and shrinking.
Thunder Bolt Various Inflicts 5 HP of damage on one enemy during battle.
Thunder Rage Various Does 5 HP of damage to all enemies.
Ultra Shroom Various Restores 50 HP.
Volt Shroom Various Shocks any enemy that touches Mario.
Wacka's Bump Mt. Rugged Restores 25 HP and 25 FP.
Yellow Berry Flower Fields (Southwest) Restores 3 HP and 3 FP.