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Mario's friend Parakarry (a Paratroopa) is supposed to be a Mail Deliverer, but he's not doing a very good job. In fact, he's dropped letters all over Mushroom Kingdom! Mario ends up having to help find the letters and deliver them.

There are 26 letters total in the game. 12 letters are found on throughout the world; 1 of them starting a chain of letters that results in getting the Lucky Day Badge, which is like a better version of the Pretty Lucky Badge. The chain consists of 14 letters. As a reward, for each found 'lost' letter, you will get a star piece. Here are the locations and recipients of the 11 normal letters:

Letter Location found Recipient
Area Instructions Name Location
Letter 1 Mt. Rugged Toss Kooper across the gap near save block Merlon Toad Town
Letter 2 Mt. Rugged Upper left ledge after the slide Kolorado Lavalava Island; Toad Town; Dry Dry Desert; Koopa Village
Letter 3 Dry Dry Desert Hit tree near Dry Dry Outpost. Mort. T Toad in Toadhouse at Koopa Village.
Letter 4 Dry Dry Outpost On 1 of the rooftops near Moustafa's house Traveling Nomadimouse Near a tree on the path to Dry Dry Outpost
Letter 5 Dry Dry Desert Hit tree at Kolorado's excavation site Goompa Goomba Village
Letter 6 Gusty Gulch In front of a tree branch Fice. T The guard at entrance to forever forest
Letter 7 Lavalava Island On top of a rock on the beach leading to Yoshi's village Igor Owner of Boo's Mansion shop
Letter 8 Jade Jungle Northeast Island where you meet Sushie Russ.T Toad in house next to Toad Town's West Entrance
Letter 9 Flower Fields Northeast Minh.T toad who likes flowers
Letter 10 Shiver Snowfield Hit the big tree 4 times Mayor Penguin Shiver City's leftmost home
Letter 11 Shiver Road Behind icy rock (it's not frozen) just before Monstar Merlow Shooting Star Summit; The guy who trades you badges

Chain letters[edit]

The first chain letter, Letter A, can be found at the farthest right region of Mt. Rugged towards the bottom.

Letter Recipient Reward
Name Location
Letter A Goompapa Goomba with a mustache in Goomba Village Letter B
Letter B Muss.T Peach's Castle Garden. Letter C
Letter C Koover Koopa near Koopa Village's entrance. Letter D
Letter D Fishmael Toad Town's Port. Letter E
Letter E Koover Koopa near Koopa Village's entrance. Letter F
Letter F Mr. E In front of the inn at Dry Dry Outpost. Letter G
Letter G Miss T. Yellow Toad in front of the Dojo. Letter H
Letter H Little Mouser Shop owner in Dry Dry Outpost. Letter I
Letter I Franky Boo living in Boo's Mansion (first room). Letter J
Letter J Dane T. Red toad kid at the Toad Town's Train Station. Letter K
Letter K Red Yoshi Kid Walking around in Yoshi Village. Letter L
Letter L Dane T. Red mini Toad at the train station of Toad Town. Letter M
Letter M Frost T. Toad at Starborn Valley. Letter N
Letter N Goompapa Gomba with a mustache in Gomba Village Lucky Day badge