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Scene 1: A Message and a Goomba[edit]

Mario, unconscious.

The Prologue begins with Mario unconscious in the forest. Seven Stars appear one by one and observe the unconscious Mario. They converse about the situation, give their remaining power to heal Mario, and disappear. Just then, A female Goomba named Goombaria finds Mario. She shouts to three other Goombas named Goompa, Goompapa, and Goombario that Mario won't wake up. They bring Mario to a nearby Toad House. Then Eldstar appears again and tells Mario to go to Shooting Star Summit. When he disappears, Mario wakes up. Toad hears that Eldstar told Mario to go to Shooting Star Summit. Toad tells Mario that Shooting Star Summit is in Toad Town.

Mario goes to a gate which Goompapa is fixing. Goompapa says that he's fixing the gate and it'll take a few minutes. Mario waits and finally Goompapa is finished. Mario starts to open the gate until Kammy Koopa Puts a yellow block onto the gate crushing it. This makes Goompapa mad, but he is unable to do anything because Kammy is on a broom AND he hasn't got enough strength to break or even move the block. When Kammy leaves, Goompapa, Goombario and Goombaria tell Mario to go to Goompa so he can give Mario a hammer that (combined with Mario's strength) is able to smash the block. Mario goes to where Goompa (and the veranda) were but falls down to the ground. Mario finds Goompa and Goompa tells Mario that the hammer fell somewhere. Mario and Goompa go to find the hammer.

Scene 2: Hammertime[edit]

Mario and Goompa found the hammer in the grass. Mario gets it and hits a tree. Goombaria's doll falls. Mario catches it and then Goompa went to the block. Then somebody pushed Goompa to the grass. A Koopa Troopa called Jr. Troopa tells them that they were trespassing in his playground. Mario and Jr. Troopa fight. Jr. Troopa only has five health, and it is impossible to lose to him. After defeating him, Jr. Troopa tells Mario that he'll be back. Mario breaks the block. Mario jumps on the trampoline to get a fire flower. He proceeds to the next area where he finds enemies. Defeat the enemies and go up to the higher elevation and get the Star Piece. Exit to the right area. Mario finds out the gate is locked. Goompa opens a locked gate. Goombario and Goombaria talk with Mario while Goompa gets a badge. Mario gives the doll back to Goombaria and she'll give you a Star Piece. Goombario tells Mario that he'll be an adventurer one day. Goompa gives Mario the Power jump badge and then Goombario joins Mario's adventure. Mario breaks the block with the hammer. Mario and Goombario went through the broken gate.

Scene 3: An Un-Kingly Nature[edit]

Mario and Goombario face off a lot of Goombas until they come upon two colored Goombas named Red Goomba and Blue Goomba. Mario and Goombario defeat them easily but then Mario and Goombario come upon the castle of the Goomba King. Goomba King, Red Goomba, and Blue Goomba face Mario and Goombario. They defeat the Goomba Bros. first by whacking a tree in the background with Mario's Hammer and with (not) all their might they defeat the Goomba King. The Goomba King and the Goomba Bros. went into the castle. Mario then finds a switch in a bush and presses it. This causes the Goomba King to be shot up to the sky like a torpedo, putting the bridge in place at the same time. Mario and Goombario then find the bridge and continue the journey.

Scene 4: Look for a Shooting Star[edit]

Kammy Koopa goes back to the castle and tells King Bowser that Mario defeated the Goomba King. So angry Bowser tells Kammy Koopa if the Star Spirits are captured separately. Kammy says yes and tells Bowser that Eldstar is held in Koopa Bros. fortress. Then the Koopa Bros. barged in and told them that they can defeat Mario. The Koopa Bros. names were Red, Black, Yellow, and Green. Red was their leader. They showed Bowser a super spinning attack. After that they ran back to the fortress.

Meanwhile, Mario and Goombario appear in Toad Town. Toad said to them that Shooting Star Summit is through the door that has a star on it. Mario and friend went to see Luigi again. Luigi tells them that he'd loved to join but he had to look after the house. Mario and Goombario went through the door and to Shooting Star Summit. They ran up the stairs. Eldstar was waiting. Eldstar and the six other stars tell Mario that each one of them are held by Bowsers minions and that he has to save them and take on Bowser. At Bowsers castle, Peach meets a Star Kid named Twink. Peach gives Twink a lucky star and tells him to go to Mario and give him the Lucky star. Twink then leaves to Mario.

Scene 5: Koopa Magic[edit]

(NOTE: before this scene, there is a cutscene about Peach up in the sky.)Mario and Goombario walk out of the Summit until Twink finds them. He then offers to teach Mario how to use the Lucky Star. After the teachings, (if accepted, otherwise this is done anyway) he puts the Lucky Star on Mario. Then a Blue-Garbed Magikoopa appears for a fight. With the help of the Lucky Star, Mario kills the Magikoopa. The Magikoopa then disappears. Twink leaves. After Twink leaves, Mario and Goombario go to Toad Town. A Toad tells them a wizard named Merlon wanted to see them. Mario and Goombario go to Merlons house. Merlon doesn't let them in until he opens the door (knocking Mario down in the process) and sees Mario, commenting about how he is 'sleeping'. He then tells them that Eldstar is held in Koopa Bros. fortress. Mario and friend went to the end of Toad Town but a suspicious Red Toad with three others block the way. Mario tells Merlon to get to the bottom of this. Merlon reveals the suspicious Toads as the Koopa Bros. The Koopa Bros. quickly leave to the fortress. Merlon tells Mario to go the fortress. Then Mario and Goombario go to Pleasant Path.