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There are three ways to find star pieces.

  1. Some are found out in the open
  2. Some are hidden under floor panels.
  3. Some are received by characters in the game, when you a certain thing for that character.
  4. Rip Cheato(a sellsman that lives in the toadtown sewers)has three star pieces you can buy off of him. Just keep buying things from him until you get those star pieces.
  5. You get star pieces when you deliver letters to characters in the game, except the letter that goes to goompapa.
  6. You can also get star pieces by doing koopa koot's favors. He gives you three star pieces at a time, so do all his favors!!! He has fifteen star pieces.
  7. The last way you can get star pieces is by correctly answering the questions Chuck Quizmo give you. He has 64 questions, so he has 64 star pieces.

The last 4 ways you guys can do by yourself, I am only going to type down only the first three steps. To help you guys out I'll give you a key to see what kind of star pieces there are.

  1. open, means that it's out in the open.
  2. HP, means under a hidden floor panel. Use a spin jump or the ultra hammer.
  3. Cha, means star pieces that characters in the game have. I'll list how to get them.

Goomba Village[edit]

1. Cha,
Once you get the hammer, in the same area, keep hitting trees with the hammer until you see a doll fall out, give the doll to Goombaria.

2. Open,
When you get the hammer and beat Jr. Troopa, defeat the goombas and when you get near the flying goomba, go up and to the left, keep going left and you should see the star piece.

3. HP,
Go near the place where the old veranda is and spin jump near the heart block until you get star piece.

4. HP,
Spin jump near the place Goombaria found you unconscious.

Goomba Road[edit]

5. Open,
When your at King Goomba's castle hit the tree thats near it.

6. HP,
Go east of King Goomba's castle and spin jump near the exit of the path.

Toad Town[edit]

7. Cha,
When the shy guys steal Russ T.'s dictionary, recover it and hand it to him to get a star piece.

8. Cha,
When the shy guys steal the bag of mail, recover it and give it to the mailman paratroopa in toad town.

9. Open,
Hit the tree that is west of Merlon's house.

10. Open,
When you get Sushie in your party, go to area that has the dojo and swim to the other side of the pond.

11. HP,
Near the dojo, at the bottom of the stairs, spin jump until you find the floor panel.

12. HP,
Go the near the entrance of forever forest and spin jump there(near the guard, Fice.T.)

13. HP,
Go the port in Toad Town and spin jump near the save block there.

14. Hp,
Go to the train station, south of the tracks and spin jump a little east to find the star piece.

Toad Town Tunnels[edit]

15. Open,
After chapter 2 go to the tunnels and smash the stone block and fight the blooper. Keep going left, then right until you see a room with 2 platforms and 2 spiked gloombas. Jump on one platform, then wait until the other one is high enough and go through the door, jump on some platforms, then use parakarry to get you to the star piece.

Shooting Star Summit[edit]

16. Open,
At the bottom of the summit, go left and you should see the star piece.

17. HP,
After you cross the small bridge(connecting Peach's castle and the summit), spin jump.

18. HP,
At the bottom of the summit, take one step up and spin jump.

19. HP,
Go near Merluvlee's house and spin jump.

Pleasant Path[edit]

20. Open,
Right before you enter Koopa Bros. Fortress, hit the big tree to make a star piece pop out.

21. Open,
When your returning to Toad Town, near the bridge, head south a little bit and you should see a island with a star piece on it, use kooper.

22. HP,
Above the entrance to Koopa Village, spin jump near the tree striped poles.

23. HP,
After you cross the bridge, above Koopa Village, spin jump near where the koopa troopa jumps out.

Koopa Village[edit]

24. Open,
After you get Kooper's shell and all the fuzzies are gone. Go to the checkered pattern square and move the block to get the star piece.

25. HP,
Go south of the shop and spin jump.

MT. Rugged[edit]

26. Open,
When your near the Bub-ulb, go up and to the right, then fall to the right.

27. Open,
Near where you get the damage dodge badge, use parkarry to get the star piece.

28. HP,
Go east of the save block in the middle of MT. Rugged and spin jump to get the star piece.

Dry Dry Desert[edit]

29. Char,
When you finish the Dry Dry Ruins give the Artifact to Kolorado to get the star piece.

30. HP,
In the ABSOLUTE middle of Dry Dry Desert, spin jump.(Near the gray cactus)

Dry Dry Outpost[edit]

31. HP,
When you climb on the roofs of Dry Dry Outpost, spin jump on it to get the star piece.

Dry Dry Ruins[edit]

32. Open,
When you drain the sand in one of the rooms the star piece should be there.

Boo's Mansion[edit]