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Star Spirit Chapter & Boss Power Star Power
Eldstar 1: Koopa Brothers Focus: Boosts Star Energy.
Refresh: restores 5 HP and 5 MP.
Mamar 2: Tutankoopa Lullaby: puts enemies to sleep. 1
Skolar 3: Tubba Blubba Star Storm: deals 7 damages to all enemies. 2
Muskular 4: General Guy Chill Out: lowers all enemy attack by 3. 2
Misstar 5: Lava Piranha Smooch: restores 20 HP. 3
Klevar 6: Huff N. Puff Time Out: immobilizes all enemies. 2
Kalmar 7: Crystal King Up and Away: instantly defeats enemies. 2
Ultimate Star Power 8 Star Beam: negates effects of Star Rod. -

  • Star Beam: After Peach and Twink defeat Kammy, it is upgraded to Peach Beam as Kammy uses the device to increase Bowser's power.