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Cut scene[edit]

Ah, the Sticker Fest is here. It is a nice time. Wait, WHAT! Bowser is trying to steal the sticker comet!! NO! He got it and now he has a big crown and he looks all shiny and stuff! Mario tries to jump on him, aw man he got knocked out and crumpled up(Like a sticker...) and he's lying on the ground. Huh? Someone's calling his name. Where can it be, oh it's over there on the board with Princess Peach on it. Huh? That doesn't look like her usual crown. Press A to peel it off. It is a silver sticker fairy that looks like a crown. She is blaming Mario for touching the Sticker Comet. He tells her that it was a brute named Bowser. She thinks Mario is putting the blame on someone else. He tells her that his name is Mario and she wants to help him take down Bowser. There are Toads everywhere that are stuck down with " Bowser Tape" peel it off of them. In a minute you will see that Decalburg (A new name for Toad Town) is in a paper burrito and you need about 30 Toads to un-burrito it. I will tell the locations of the toads.

First Area[edit]

Toad taped to crate. Press A to peel Hammer Sticker taped to Toad's head.

Second Area[edit]

One house, look in a glass drawer, you will find a majority of the Toad's. Another house, has 5 toads in the middle picture of a mushroom. The rest are ones. Toad hiding behind a bush, Hammer near it to knock it down. Toad crumpled up on the far right of the 2nd area. Jump under shed top to uncrumple it. Toad stuck to bottom of doormat in the 3rd house. Hammer near the door to flip the mat then peel it off. Toad stuck to wall behind a house jump over the little fence connected to houses 2 and 3 walk to the right and peel off a Toad. That should be it. Walk to the far left and take the path.

Third Area[edit]

You will see all the Toad's you saved trying to un-burrito Decalburg. A Toad with a green Mushroom will stand on top of the burrito. When the Toad's push the Green Toad will be crushed by Decalburg. He will be RIGHT under the fountain, Remember that.