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Secret Entrance[edit]

Boggly Woods:


  • Cleft - 2 HP, 2 ATK, 2 DEF
  • Dark Puff - 3 HP, 2 ATK, 0 DEF
  • Pale Piranha - 4 HP, 2 ATK, 0 DEF

Boggly woods is like a photo negative of the Real World, so all of the native trees, monsters, and vegetation are different shades of black and white. It’s quite lovely.

Save your game to the right and continue. Watch the scene with the Shadow Sirens and continue on your way. Defeat the Pale Piranha and cleft. On the next screen, continue until Punio goes into the pipe. Follow him to the great tree.

The Great Tree:

Talk to Punio and you’ll see that someone installed a door in front of the tree. Follow him up the tree's base and talk to him. He will state that the secret entrance is covered, and that he needs assistance of Madame Flurrie. Go to the very right of the screen and go under a small waterfall to get the FP Plus badge. Now, go back toward the pipe and Punio will point you to Madame Flurrie.

Boggly Woods:

When your back in the main part of the screen, Punio will point towards Madame Flurrie’s house. Go in that direction. On the next screen, defeat the cleft and dark puff. Continue to the ledge, and walk into the near side (closest to the screen) of the hill and go up and then left when you can’t go up anymore. Follow the path (jump while standing on the seventh stump from the right to get a P-Down, D-Up P Badge) until you reach a blue switch. Hit it to raise an airplane platform, and get the nearby star piece.

Go back to the pipe at the beginning of this screen and enter it. Before you fly off, use Koops’ shell to get the shine sprite to your left. Now, fly to the right until you’re on top of the wall. Continue on into the next screen, and defeat the dark puff. Bash the third tree for a star piece, and continue until Punio announces the location of the house. You should see a thin hole in the fence, where you can slip through. If you head right, you can find the Volt Shroom. If you turn left and continue past the pipe and there’ll be a star piece hidden on the wall. Go into the pipe and follow the path into the house. Inside, go up to the door and examine it for an introduction to Flurrie, and that she can't leave the room without her necklace. After the scene, head all the way back until you meet the three sisters. When you get to them, the fighting commences.

Mini-Boss Fight[edit]

The Shadow Sirens

Goomballa’s Tattle: That’s Beldam. She’s the oldest sister, the leader of the Shadow Sirens. She can make her partners big and make us tiny, and attacks with weird magic. The worst thing about her is that sinister snicker. She sounds so totally evil! I mean, she’s just the sort of person you want to avoid like the plague, y’know?

  • HP: 9
  • ATK: 1
  • DEF: 0
  • Difficulty:**
  • Attacks:
    • Long Range Blizzard (Does 2 Damage)
    • Short Range Blizzard
    • Enlarge (makes her or her sisters bigger and raises ATK.)
    • Mini (makes Mario or his partner smaller, lowering their attack)

Goombella’s Tattle: That’s Marilyn. She’s a Shadow Siren, Beldam’s younger sister. She charges up her attacks occasionally. Says here she’s the toughest of the sisters, so it might be best to defeat her first, huh? Other than that, she doesn’t have any particularly outstanding characteristics.

  • HP: 12
  • ATK: 2
  • DEF: 0
  • Difficulty:**
  • Attack:
    • Hand clap
    • Charge up (raises attack once or more for lightning attack)
    • Lightning attack

Goombella’s Tattle:That’s Vivian. She’s the youngest of the three Shadow Sirens. She doesn’t seem all that noteworthy. Uh... She is kind cute I guess... She might even be cuter than I am... I guess... ...Uh... What am I thinking?

  • HP: 10
  • ATK: 1
  • DEF: 0
  • Difficulty:**
  • Attacks:
    • Shade Fist
    • Fiery Jinx

First, attack everyone with Earth Tremor (and any other attack that attacks all). The more damage, the better. When you run out of FP and Star Power, attack Marilyn, since she is the strongest and can charge up a nasty lightning attack. After she’s done, finish off Beldam (if she’s still standing, cause she doesn’t have a lot of HP to begin with.) When the both of them are done, take care of Vivian. Shouldn’t be too hard if you attack hard and fast.

When they disappear, pick up Flurrie’s necklace and go back to her house. Go to her door and watch the scene. Flurrie will join you and now you can go back to the Great Tree.

You’ll probably receive e-mail from the RDM service before you make it to the tree.

Gathering the troops[edit]

The Great Tree:

The Punies’ rivals, the Jabbies, have recently joined fordces with the X-Nauts to take over the great tree. The Punies are in dire need of a mustachioed general to turn the tide.


  • Mini-Yux (appears from Yux) - 1 HP, 0 ATK, 0 DEF
  • Pale Piranha - 4 HP, 2 ATK, 0 DEF
  • Pider - 5 HP, 2 ATK, 0 DEF
  • X-Naut - 4 HP, 3 ATK, 0 DEF
  • Yux - 3 HP, 2 ATK, 0 DEF

Go up the big root to the left of the door. When you can’t go further, go to the edge and use Flurrie’s wind power to uncover the secret entrance (which is labeled that, contrary to what Punio said earlier). Watch the scene and press A near the door to enter. Go forward inside and you’ll soon get attacked.


X-Naut x2

Goombella’s Tattle: That’s an X-Naut. Says here it’s classified as an `enemy combatant’. The description stinks... You think it means they’re just low-level foot soldiers? They drink these potions that make them all big and burly and they attack! One’s easy, but if there’s two or more, better watch out! Use special moves and items!

  • HP: 4
  • ATK: 3
  • DEF: 0
  • Difficulty:*
  • Attacks:
    • Body Slam
    • Potion drink (makes them bigger)
    • X-Naut Bomb (similar to Crump-a-bomb)

Just attack them both (preferably the one than enlarges himself). It will be over shortly.

After the scene, save your game and heal. The door at the end is locked, so Don’t even bother. Be a REAL Plumber and use the pipe nearby (the gray one). When you emerge, go to the other side and use the pipe there. Defeat the X-Naut in this room and check the lower right-most bush for a power punch. Use the pipe on the other side and defeat the Yux when you emerge and use the other pipe to move on. After another funny scene, you’ll find the rest of the punies. After another scene enter the door to the left. After another encounter with Ms. Mowz you get another battle.


  • HP: 4
  • ATK: 3
  • DEF: 0
  • Difficulty:*
  • Attacks:
    • Body Slam
    • Potion drink
    • X-Naut-bomb

Same as last time, except there's one of them.

After the so-called Mini-boss, you get the red key. Grab the ultra shroom from the closed chest. Go back to the red cell and use the key for another funny scene. After a long lecture, you regain control. Return to the first room in the tree by using the series of pipes that got you here. After the scene, 10 Punies will join your party and you will receive the Puni orb. Save, and lead your 11 punies up the pipe to the second room. Place the Puni orb on the pedestal in the center of the room, which will attract the Punies onto the platform. The pipe will emerge once 10 Punies are on the platform. Remove the Puni orb and use the pipe. Defeat the X-Nauts guarding the door and press the control panel to unlock the door.

You now need to get your 11 Punies across the gap. Put the orb in the pedestal to the right and use Flurrie to blow all Punies off the edge. Now, as soon as you see them come up in bubbles, blow them to the other side. If you miss, they will either land on your platform, or on the center. Jump down and grab the Shine Sprite and the Thunder Rage from the big bush to the right. Use the pipe to go back up, grab the Puni orb, and hop to the pedestal, to the other side. Go down the pipe.

On the next lower floor, watch out for the Pider that drops from the ceiling when you’re crosing the ledge. These will scare the Punies. Change to Koops and hit it with his shell to allow the Punies to pass. Don’t worry if some of them fall off, you will retrieve them later. After defeating the pider, use Flurrie to blow off the large black vase to reveal an airplane panel use it to fly to the another one, then fly to the shine sprite. Drop down, and go back up using the pipe on the left. Go back down the pipe, defeat the two dull pirhanas, and retrieve any Punis that dropped off from above. Head to the right and enter the pipe there.

You will spot the first Jabbi, which will flee to the right. Head after it with the 11 Punies, and engage them in combat. You can have Madame Flurrie use her ability to stun the Jabbis, but you otherwise can't do much in the battle. Once the Jabbi fortress is destroyed, you can enter and take the blue key. Head to the left, but don't head up the pipe yet. Head left until you can reach the red block (taking out the Piders on the way). Throw Koops underneath the red block to reveal an invisible block. Jump on this hidden block to hit the red block, and get the badge (even if it falls down to the floor below). You can't progress to the left of the winding path, but you can still jump down, and use Madame Flurrie to blow open the blue door on the left, to reveal a shop (where you can stock up on any desired items.) If you go to the left, you can talk to a Jabbi and make him your ally.

With the blue key, head to the top floor. Unlock the jail, and after the freedom cutscene, you will now need to guide them down below. When you reach the gap, use the orb to collect the Punis, then blow them off the ledge, and collect all 90 of them on the other side. Continue down until you reach the winding path, and proceed to the left. Make sure you have 101 Punis before proceeding.

The Battle for the Great Tree[edit]

Now, lead your 101 Punies into the second hive room, and begin the combat with the army of 100 Jabbies. After they win, they’ll destroy the last Jabbie hive. Defeat the pale piranha and go down the warp pipe. Defeat another pale piranha, grab the star piece from behind the pipe, and go into the next room. Put the orb into the weird pedestal. After getting trapped, grab the orb and use your paper mode to escape from the cage. Go down the pipe to the right that appeared when you were trapped.

The combination, to be used later.

Grab the star piece from behind the pipe after the short scene. Hit the switch and remember the order of the symbols on the columns (Sun, Moon, Puni, and star from left to right). Use the doors and pipes until you reach the first Punies vs. Jabbies room, and proceed to where you got the blue key. In this room, there are four new switches. Hit these switches until they’re like the ones in the other room (Sun, Moon, Puni, and Star), to reveal a new doorway. Walk into the new room and grab the super boots. This starts a short tutorial showing the spin jump. Exit this room, and use the spin jump on the wooden panel to land in the room below. Carefully jump to the left and use Koops to grab the Charge badge. Then, carefully jump to the right, then up, then to the left, and grab the shine sprite.

With your super boots, retrace your steps to the caged room and slip through the bars. Spin jump through the wooden panel near the center-left side of the cage. Keep the Punis in position with the orb, and use Flurrie to blow them down the hole. Retrieve the orb and jump down with them. Go up the pipe and leave the room. Go up the pipe and put the orb on the pedestal. Spin-jump through the panel and return to the room where the punies are. Now, blow them all down the hole and go down the hole and down the pipe. Go across the room (dealing with the X- Naut) and go down the pipe. Watch out for the Yux, who’ll probably fire at you when you enter. Go down the pipe to a large water area. Go down next the pipe and jump across the panels. Head up to reach the other side of the water, and stand on the blue switch. Hold Koops to the left and step off the switch. When the blue switch surfaces release him and the water will drain to the room below. Fall off the left and get the badge, and go behind the stairs to get a Dizzy Dial. Go down the pipe and walk across the bridge of lily pads and platforms and lead your army to the other side and get the Shine sprite. Go down the warp pipe and you’ll be very close to the Crystal Star.

Final Countdown[edit]

Put the orb on the pedestal. If you have all of your Punies, the platform will lower. Grab the Mushroom from the lower left bush, heal, and save. As you wonder how Crump got all the way over here, put the orb on the pedestal and watch the scene. After Crump snatches the star, and starts the timer, quickly follow him up the pipe. Quickly defeat the two X-Nauts and unlock the door by pressing A button next to the control panel. Go through the series of pipes and hurry to the entrance of the tree (although there's no requirement to escort the Punies with you). Watch the funny scene (while the timer still counts down, you don’t have to rush if you have more than 60 seconds). Afterwards...

Boss Fight[edit]

Magnus Von Grapple

Goombella’s Tattle: That’s Magnus Von Grapple. It’s a giant robot built by the X-Nauts. Lord Crump drives it. Its most effective attack is one that takes advantage of its size: a smothering stomp. IT can also shoot out its fists, which do these super-gnarly rocket punches. Its fists are super powerful, so it’s best to knock them down fast. The thing about this robot is I can’t tell it looks cool, or really, REALLY stupid...

  • HP: 30 (X-Fists’ HP: 2)
  • ATK: 2 (X-Fists’ ATK: 4)
  • DEF: 1
  • Difficulty:***
  • Attacks:
    • Magnus Von Punish (just a stomp attack)
    • X-Fist Launch
    • X-Fist Rocket Punch (occurs 1 round after they launch; has an attack of 4)
    • Earthquake

Start off with Earth Tremor and then use your most powerful attacks against him. Attack any X-Fist that he fires (could use Multibounce or Flurries Gale Force). He regenerates them every few turns. Keep attacking him until Magnus gives in.

Watch the scene and this chapter is over.


Watch the scene and go to TEC’s room (you can take a shower again to have Peach hum a different tune). Once inside, you’ll take part in a dancing mini-game. Just press the buttons as they appear on screen.

Watch the scene and you’ll replay the first level of Super Mario Bros... AS BOWSER! Anyway, just go through the level, grabbing pieces of meat as you go

Don’t worry about dying, you have infinite lives. Afterwards, watch as the king of guys who talk to posters makes a fool of himself.


Boggly Woods:

Be on your way to Rogueport sewers. You’ll receive mail from Peach on the way there.

Rogueport Sewers:

Use the spin jump near the center of the room when you enter from the pipe. A piece of the room should pop up. Spin jump near the edge of the piece and a star piece will come out of it. Once you’re in the room before the thousand-year door room, use Flurrie to blow off the piece of wall that sticks out. You’ll get a Happy Heart P badge from inside the chest. Now go to the black chest room and look for the star piece from underground with the spin jump. Now go to the thousand-year door room. There’s also a hidden star piece in the front-center area of the room (towards the screen). Use the Spin jump to uncover it. Now step on the pedestal and watch the scenes that follow.


Start off by powering up your partners. By now, all of your current ones should be powered up. In other news...

X-Nauts terrorizing Boggly Woods have withdrawn!Just what was their motive?

Now, there’s a few hidden star pieces to be found here. One is in front of the centerpiece of the plaza. There’s another one in front of Frankly’s place and also near the stairs in the docks. Now, you can go to the Trouble Center.

  • Client: Puni Elder (Great Tree)
  • Title: Emergency shroom!
  • Reward: 60 Coins

Either buy a Life shroom, or use the one you got from Koopook (assuming you still have it). Now, go back to the great tree and give her the shroom and get your coins.

  • Client: Lahla (Rogueport)
  • Title: Play with me
  • Reward: 10 Piantas (for use in the Pianta Parlor)

Go to Western Rogueport. Go into the Pianta Parlor and talk to the Boo behind the counter.

  • Client: Pine T. Jr. (Rogueport Sewers)
  • Title: Help my daddy!
  • Reward: Silver Card (for use in Pianta Parlor)

Go back down to the sewers after resting at the inn. Go to the thousand-year door room. Make sure to save your game. Go back near the entrance and slip through the bars. Use the spring to get up to the ledge above. Fly to the other side, slip through and go through the door. Fight your way down to level 18, getting the sleepy stomp badge from the treasure chest at level 10. Do not use the shortcut, or the toad will not appear. Once there defeat the enemy and talk to the toad on the ground. He’ll wake up and follow you down the pipe. Go to level 20 and he’ll escape to the entrance. Open the treasure for a fire drive badge and go up the pipe to the entrance. Talk to Pine T. to get your reward.

Now that that’s over with, go to the item shop in Western Rogueport and store enough items for two more. Buy a Dried Shroom and a dizzy dial, in that order. Use any answer for the first question and answer yellow for the second one. When the boo unlocks the door, go through it and go up the stairs and through the door. Watch the scene and leave. Get the star piece behind the trashcan outside the item shop, behind the big warp pipe, hidden in front of the Pianta Parlor (use your spin jump), and between the lamppost and the wall near the eastern entrance if you didn’t before. Frankie and Francesca are at the docks so go there and go to the pier on the lower side. Talk to Francesca and watch the scene (it doesn’t really matter how you answer). Now, go back to Don Pianta’s place (you don’t have to do the whole password thing again). Watch the scene and talk to Don Pianta again for your blimp ticket. After preparing for your leave, go to the northern exit in Western Rogueport. There are two more star pieces in this area. One hidden underground at the west end. Talk to Cheep-Cheep (the fish) at the gate and say "Yes" to show him your boarding pass. Get the other star piece behind the pipe and go down it. Walk to the blimp and press A button. You’ll soon be on your way to the next Crystal Star.