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Control In the Field On Battle/Menu Screen
Neutral control Walk/run/move Move Cursor
Start button Open the menu screen N/A
A button
  • Jump
  • (When a ... Bubble displays) Talk to nearby character
  • (When an Exclamation Mark displays) Investigate nearby object or door
  • (When a Star displays) Read next message
Confirm an Action
B button Hammer Cancel Action/Return to Previous
X button Use partners' abilities (When X button Appears on Battle Screen) Attack
Y button Plane Mode/Boat Mode (Y button on Battle Screen) Let Partner Attack First
Z button Display stats N/A
R button (Press and Hold) Paper Mode N/A
R button + Neutral control Tube Mode N/A
Up dpad Shortcut to Menu Screen (Gear) N/A
Right dpad Shortcut to Menu Screen (Badges) N/A
Down dpad Shortcut to Menu Screen (Journal) N/A
Left dpad Shortcut to Menu Screen (Party) N/A
Neutral cstick N/A (When Neutral cstick displays) Read Continuing Message