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Today the first complication is introduced: entry tickets. They are a simple piece of paper with today's date printed on them. As with the passport expiration dates, check it against the current time and date in the bottom left corner. And use the rulebook to point out any missing tickets.

Preset entrants[edit]

The first entrant is a foreigner with valid papers. The second forgets to hand over the entry ticket, but will provide it when interrogated. The third is an Imporian with valid papers, and another flier for the pink vice. Number four is random. Number five has valid papers. Number six has an invalid ticket. Number seven is random.

Entrant number eight is Jorji, but he doesn't introduce himself. In fact, he doesn't present any papers. As the game will point out if you dawdle, use the rulebook combined with the empty space in front of the window to tell him that he needs papers. He will leave on his own once this is done.