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Today the game introduces the entry permit and id cards. They will be the main supplementary documents of the game. Entry tickets are no longer accepted.

Today is also the first day where the audio transcript is used. It is found on the microphone and is used to point out issues with the oral statements of the entrant.

Preset entrants[edit]

Jorji's fake passport
  1. Valid papers
  2. Random
  3. Entry ticket instead of permit.
  4. Random
  5. Expired entry permit. Point it out and then allow her entry anyway to get the Impor token.
  6. Random
  7. Valid if Arstotzkan, wrong name on entry permit otherwise.
  8. Jorji returns with a "passport" made with crayons. Allowing him entry gets the Orbristan token, but there is a better chance later.
  9. Arstotzkan citizen, may or may not have valid papers.