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Period Cube chara Demento.png

He finds sheer joy in taking lives, Angels’ or Demons’. He lusts after murder and throws out numerous daggers that are hidden inside of his coat. Concealed in the shadows, he waits for his chance to steal Kazuha, but he is also ready to kill her without hesitation if she puts up a fight.

Like Kazuha, Demento belongs to neither faction, but unlike Kazuha, his status is due to being a PK (player killer). Because he ruthlessly killed other players in Arcadia (a fate that would meet them in the real world), he is a Fallen of the Assassin class, able to use only one skill and his generic daggers. Still, even with these handicaps, Demento is dangerous enough to strike fear into the hearts of both Angels and Demons, and unfortunately, he is in pursuit of Kazuha as soon as she enters Arcadia.

Demento's route branches off from Astrum's, and is thus shorter than all others in the game.

Good End[edit]

  • Use knife
  • Play harp
  • I said don't talk about him like that.
  • I can do it myself.
  • My heart is pounding.
  • I feel kind of bad.
  • Use bow
  • Thank you for worrying about me.
  • I'm alright, please continue.
  • Use bow
  • Yeah, that was a handle.
  • You've already finished it. (This is the choice you start from if loading a save from Astrum's route).
  • Increase ally strength
  • Demento, stop it!
  • I'm genuinely interested.
  • Use bow
  • Stop it already!
  • I'm not planning on dying...

Merry Bad End[edit]

  • Select "History" on the main menu.
  • Select Quest 7 in Demento's route.
  • Set Almighty Level to 6 and Affection to 0.
  • Choose "I'm sorry..."