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Period Cube chara Hiroya.png

A brusque Boxer with a slight attitude, who often tends to be harsh with Kazuha. Though he can sometimes come off as aloof, he is actually a caring person who puts his life on the line for Kazuha in the game world. In real life, he is her childhood friend. Although they played together for years as children, after graduating from junior high, they eventually grew apart. He has been acting distant around her lately for some reason. He is also a good friend of Kazuha's brother, Shiki, who was the one who invited Hiroya to play Arcadia in the first place. He helps Kazuha find her brother, while at the same time protecting her after she becomes the "Almighty."

Though Hiroya is the first bachelor you meet, it is recommended that his route be played later than some of the other characters', as some important plot details are revealed here. Demento's final CG can be found in this route.

Good End[edit]

  • Use knife
  • Use knife
  • Hey, don't attack Hiroya.
  • We don't have to rush.
  • Step back
  • You're already helping me a lot.
  • I want us to work together, Hiroya.
  • Use knife
  • I need to ask Radius, too.
  • If it's not a big deal, then tell me.
  • I think we can be honest.
  • You're making me blush...
  • I really want to go with you guys.
  • Observe
  • Hiroya didn't do anything wrong!
  • I think you should do it, Hiroya.
  • I don't want to be separated from you either.

Merry Bad End[edit]

  • Select "History" on the main menu.
  • Select Quest 7 in Hiroya's route.
  • Set Almighty Level to 5 and Affection to 0.
  • Choose "How about Radius?"
  • Don't lose to my brother.