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Arvin asks if you know what you've done. He will tell you that lots of the villagers are hurt and buildings have been destroyed. Ivlet has also broken many of the bridges, blocking access to other areas. Arvin tells you to help the villagers, and decides that he should give you a few tips. One of these tips is how to notice when others need help. He continues to tell you that the Drug Store took on a lot of damage, and that you should go there first.

Beat observes that Arvin was pretty angry, and gives you a Magic Encyclopaedia. It keeps track of all the bugs and fish that you collect on your journey. Next, he tells you about some of the icons on the map. Finally, he reminds you that you are supposed to be helping Gertrude at the Drug Store.

The Cotton Cloth[edit]

Finding the Cotton.

Outside the Drug Store, you will see Gertrude with a question mark over her head. If you talk to her, she tells you that Ivlet destroyed the Drug Store. She asked the carpenter Stanley to fix it, but to repair the Sunshade she needs some Cotton Cloth. She teaches you about Cotton, and then tells you that you can find some in Lappy Lake. You are then shown the newly-repaired bridge to Lappy Lake. You need to go along the bridge, then past the tree, and you will arrive at Lappy Lake.

When you get to Lappy Lake, you need to get to the next island, and then go down one side and into the water. You need to make your way to the island which is roughly in the middle of the Lake. Sniff around, and you will find the Cotton here. You will return to Gertrude when you have found it.

Find the Cotton here.

Gertrude thanks you and asks you to take the cotton to Ione, so she can make some Cotton Cloth. Take it to Ione (in your house), and when she is finished you take the Cotton Cloth to Gertrude. You see that the Drug Store is now fixed, and Gertrude tells you that if you ever get hurt (if you have any black hearts in the top left-hand corner of the screen) you can get something to heal it from her. She gives you 100G, and tells you that Tom at the Pawn Shop needs some help.

The Herb Oil[edit]

Finding the Chamomile and helping Saul.

If you talk to Tom, who has a question mark over his head, you will see that Ivlet has destroyed the Pawn Shop as well. Tom will tell you that he was trying to run away from Ivlet, but he twisted his paw. It hurts so much that it is stopping him from getting any work done. He asks you to get some Herb Oil from Gertrude at the Drug Store to heal his paw.

When you talk to Gertrude, she will tell you that she doesn't have any Herb Oil, but she can make some if you get some Cammomile. She tells you that it smells like Strawberry and Violet, and you can find it in Jade Fields. You will then see that the bridge to Jade Fields has been repaired.

find the Chamomile here.

When in Jade Fields, cross the bridge. Turn left and use the Whiskers Radar or Sniff to find the Cammomile, or you can go off somewhere else and hunt down the two objects that make up the Cammomile. When you have the Cammomile, you bring it to Gertrude.

Gertrude uses the Cammomile to make some Herb Oil, which you take to Tom. He thanks you and uses it on his paw. In a few seconds he is better, and can repair the Pawn Shop. He tells you that if you ever have an item that you don't need, you can sell it at the Pawn Shop. He will then tell you that Saul went to Whisker Woods and hasn't come back. He is a master of Crouching and Crawling, and Tom doubts that any animal has been able to hurt him, but says that you should still go and find out if he is OK. You will then see the path to Whisker Woods from North Pawville.

Saving Saul[edit]

You don't have to find Saul's Top Quality Canned Meat/Fish, but if you do he will reward you with a Straw Hat. If you don't find it whilst on your way to him, you can come back to the level again later and get it for yourself!

When you go to Whisker Woods, Beat will tell you that the Snakes are in a foul mood, and they'll definitely attack if they see you. You will see Saul on the other side of Whisker Woods. He will tell you that his paw is stuck in an old Snake hole and he can't move. He needs you to help free him, and he'd like you to look for the Top Quality Canned Food[1] he dropped. He tells you to use Pursuit Whiskers or Pursuit Sniffing to find it. He also teaches you to use crouch and crawl, but at the moment you can only use it in Whisker Woods. He'll give you the full lesson after you have saved him.

Find Saul's Top Quality Canned Meat or Fish here.

You can use Pursuit Sniffing/Whiskers to find the item Saul dropped, or you can go straight to the other side of the bridge, where you will find it. When you have the food, go West, past two Snakes, and you will find Saul.

Saul will thank you for finding the item he dropped, and give you a Straw Hat (Straw Hat B Colour 1 in the Fashion House) in return. You return to South Pawville, and Saul teaches you how to use Crouch and Crawl anywhere.

He tells you that Ivlet has destroyed the Flowerbeds, and that you should talk to Clara.

The hunt for Clay[edit]

Finding the Clay and looking for Sai.

If you speak to Clara, who will be standing in front of the Flowerbed in between your house and the Drug Store, you will see that Ivlet has destroyed the Flowerbeds. Clara tells you about it, and then asks you to get some Bricks, which can be found at the Zoo.

If you talk to Kenneth, he will tell you that he has some Bricks, but he needs them to repair the Zoo. However, if you get him some Clay, he'll make some more Bricks for you. He says that you can find some in Jade Fields.

Find the Clay here.

In Jade Fields, follow the path, and you should find the Clay alongside it, west of a Yellow Snake beside the cliff. When you have the Clay, you take it back to Kenneth. He makes some Bricks for you, which you take to Clara. She thanks you, and you volunteer to help repair the Flowerbeds. Once they are fixed, Clara tells you how to use the Flowerbeds.

Clara tells you that, thanks to Ivlet, the Fashion House is in a bad shape, and you should check it out.

Version Differences[edit]

  1. In Dogz, Saul has lost some Top Quality Canned Meat, whereas in Catz he has lost his Top Quality Canned Fish