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You and your team might want to die the first few times, to drop Moon Atomizers and Fluids in the battlefield so you're sure not to run out in the final battle.

This is a simple how-to on killing Dark Flaz at low levels: 20-40 in hard mode and 40-60 in vrey hard mode. This strategy is for a Team Game consisting of low level characters which aren't capable of surviving Dark Falz' last form.

You'll require the following:

  1. Team Game of 2-4 members, four members recommended.
  2. Dark/Evil Resist (even better if you can get Evil/Resist).
  3. Lots Moon Atomizers (for Androids character) or Reversa learned.
  4. Fluids, and lots of it! If there is Androids character, make sure you carry these for other players!
  5. Explain this to the other players.


Being at level 40 and under, Light/Saint resist is not much of any help. Grants does 400+ damage if you have zero Light resistance on Hard mode. It is unlikely you can pump up Light resistance above 50. At level 40, most characters barely have 225+ HP. Dark/Evil resist is more important. You need to survive his second and third form in order to make it to his Final Form. His dark attack during his second/third forms can kill any player at level 40 and under with that attack. It does about 250+ damage if you have zero Dark resistance in hard mode. So equipping some of those resist dark/evil will give you a sure chance to survive those early forms. As for scape dolls, there's no point in carrying them around - you'll die way too much for what you can carry to keep reviving you. So it's a waste to use them in an endless death. Better off having your teammate revive you.

Beating his first, second, and third forms is a no-brainer, so let's assume you made it to his Final Form. This is where it gets hard, knowing your level. There is no way you can survive that Grants attack which not only kills you, but all your teammates as well, making the battle short lived. However, you can prevent him from casting that spell on you and two of your teammates, by dying from the blue beam cannon array blast that he does. He will not cast Grants now. If you tried to dodge it instead, he'd counter with Grants and kill everybody instantly.

You also want to keep a good distance away from your teammates, because once he comes back down, he'll use a quick slash killing yet another one of your comrades (or you along with your team, if you all are too close together). Of course, if any player falls, revive them immediately. Make sure your team doesn't stay too far from one and another, or you'll have to run across to the other side to revive anyone who falls. Once your team has done enough damage, Dark will start to beam-lock a character (you can see this on the radar, the color represents the player's color), trying to take that player's soul away. Causing any damage to Dark Falz will do a greater deal of damage to the player to which the beam is linked. However, this strategy calls for you to kill your teammate.

If the player that is linked with the Beam doesn't die, then Dark casts Megid followed by Grants, which kills everyone. But if the player dies, that won't happen. So just revive him/her back up again and continue until Falz is beaten. There might be a chance where one of your teammates (or you) dies upon defeating Dark Falz, which is undesirable. That player won't get any experience points for what he/she has accomplished, although they still helped the team defeat Dark.

Killing tips[edit]

If any character can use technique and has Grants learned, use it against him. It won't show any damage, but it does hurt him. Failing that, use a Varista or other long range weapon to deal damage to him. Melee weapons aren't that effective, as you have to keep running around to reach him. You'll be dead most of the time anyway, so it's better off if you and your team stand your ground. Try not to wander too far off from your teammates, because it's really annoying for them to run across the other side to revive you.