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PS2 Wii
Classic Remote (Horizontal) Remote w/ Nunchuk GameCube Controller Actions
Neutral dpad Neutral lstick or Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Neutral dpad or Neutral nunchuk Neutral cstick or Neutral dpad
  • Move cursor
Circle button B button 1 button B button B button
  • Cancel
  • Jump
Cross button A button 2 button A button A button
  • Confirm
  • Skip message
  • Open Command menu
Triangle button X button Plus button or A button Plus button X button
  • Open menu
Square button Y button Minus button Minus button Y button or L button
  • Lift up
  • Throw
  • Change page (Status screen)
L1 button L button B button+Left dpad Z button+Left dpad N/A
  • Rotate area map counterclockwise
R1 button R button B button+Right dpad B button+Right dpad R button
  • Rotate area map clockwise
L2 button Zl button B button+Up dpad B button+Up dpad Y button+L button
  • Zoom In/Out
R2 button Zr button B button+Down dpad B button+Down dpad Z button
  • Attack your characters
  • Return cursor to characters
N/A Plus button B button+Plus button B button+Plus button Start button
  • Switch simple status display
N/A Minus button B button+Minus button B button+Minus button Y button+Start button
  • Switch selection when characters are overlapped