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While on Phantom Isle there are certain events that can be triggered by either getting to specific heights or jumping far distances. These event can get you new items and even some extra BOR. These heights and distances are predetermined and, once met, you will have to get higher and farther to see another prize.

Bottle Mail[edit]

To acquire the Bottle Mail character you must stack items or people on Phantom Isle. To use people to create the stack you must do this after the second in game tutorial, before you learn that characters can carry items in the third tutorial. Otherwise the characters will follow Ash around making the task near impossible, unless you throw Marona onto the stack. It is easy to miss the first chance to do this since it is in the first 5-10 minutes of the game. After the third in game tutorial you must use items.

To create the stack you must pick up objects with the square button and the hit the square button again to choose where to throw the object. You must structure the stack in a stair-like way so Ash (or whoever) can jump their way to the top. The stack isn't affected by gravity so it can go pretty far out from its base and never fall. It will take about 10 or less items, depending on the sizes, to get high enough. Once you believe you are high enough go to the top of the stack and jump, if nothing happens keep adding items. Once you accomplish the correct height a message will pop up saying you now have a Bottle Mail. You will have to talk to Marona first and use her summon command to bring your new Bottle Mail to Phantom Isle.


If you follow the above directions to get the Bottle Mail you will get the Changebook. A message will come on screen telling you when you are high enough on the stack just like getting the Bottle Mail.

Extra BOR[edit]

By climbing a jumping around Phantom Isle you can get extra money (BOR).

Failure trick[edit]

There are a couple of powerful things that you can do with the Failure title. To get the Failure title you can either look for items with it in various battles or by talking to Marona and creating new Phantoms. Every time you go to create a Phantom all their titles are randomly generated, so it may take a few tries before you see it.

The Failure title has the effect of drastically reducing the stats of any object it is tied to. By talking with the Titlist, you can move this title to anything, including random dungeons created with the Dungeon Monk.


Putting the Failure title on an item and then fusing another item into it increases the stat benefits. Since stat fusion is based on the difference of the two items stats the Failure title makes sure that the gap between both items stats are much larger. Removing the Failure title from the main item after fusing in this way and you will see a large jump in it's power. This will also increase the mana required to fuse considerably. The use of the Failure dungeon trick below and a Bottle Mail's high Obtain rate will allow you to farm for mana a lot quicker than before.


Adding the Failure title to a dungeon gives all creatures in that dungeon the Failure title and makes them much easier to defeat so you will be able to clear levels 3 or 4 times your level. Only the enemies are effected by the Failure title, not any items on that level. Killing a failure enemy will give no EXP but destroying items found on the map and completing that dungeon level will give massive amounts of EXP. The mana found in items is dependant upon their level, in these high level dungeons you can use Bottle Mails to Obtain these high mana yielding items long before you should be able to.