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We Meet Again and Hermuda Triangle present new features that enhance the original game. The majority of these features come in the form of new episodes or locations.

Another Marona[edit]

This an episode that takes place in an alternate universe where everyone on the planet dies at the very beginning of the game except for the main character Marona. Marona, Ash, and her league of now-Phantom victims of the phenomenon investigate Ivoire for any way of revealing and essentially undoing this apocalypse. Along the way, they meet a girl who looks suspiciously like Marona.......

Another Marona is in a nutshell, a harder version of the main game. Many maps require much more strategy and knowledge of the game's systems than the main story does, Random Dungeons are inaccessible for much of the game, (If starting from scratch, anyway) and grinding is practically a must. For the utmost challenge, try playing this mode first.

Another Marona is available on both the Wii and PSP versions of the game.

Hermuda Triangle[edit]

The PSP version of Phantom Brave introduces a new dungeon available immediately after beating the main story, provided you stay on the current play-through instead of transitioning to Another Marona. The Hermuda Triangle is located directly above the Isle of Healing Waters. The Triangle is home to five special bosses from other Nippon Ichi games that will join you after being defeated. They must be defeated in order. As this occurs after the main story, spoilers are to be expected.

The Triangle is also absent from the Wii version of the game.

Unlosing Ranger: The first boss Marona and Ash face in the Triangle. After being possessed by a stray Summon, he is forced to fight the party.

Hero Prinny: The second boss. Unlike the Ranger, he isn't possessed, but attacks Marona when she makes a comment concerning his stature.

Asagi: The third boss of the Triangle. She attacks Marona to steal her place as the main character.

Castile: After managing to escape the Makai Kingdom dimension, an irritated Castile challenges Marona out of frustration.

Zetta: The final boss of the Triangle. An overlord and main character of the Makai Kingdom dimension, who accidentally trapped himself into a book, but can still use his powers.


Taking a cue from other Nippon Ichi games, the player can now start new cycles of their game by talking to a black Whisp that appears in front of the Mailbox after beating the game.