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Box artwork for Phantom Dust.
Phantom Dust
Developer(s)Microsoft Game Studios
Publisher(s)Majesco Entertainment
Year released2004
Designer(s)Yukio Futatsugi
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
Rating(s)ESRB TeenCERO Ages 15 and up
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Phantom Dust is a third-person action game created for the Xbox from Microsoft Game Studios Tokyo and Yukio Futatsugi (also creator of Panzer Dragoon Saga). Phantom Dust takes card based strategy and wraps it in action style gameplay similar to the Mega Man Battle Network series.

Yukio first pitched the game to Microsoft as a card battling video game much like Magic: The Gathering, with pictures of cards and a whole new card system. Microsoft rejected the idea because they thought that the game would not sell to the majority of Xbox owners. Yukio then reworked the format until he came up with a gameplay style that involves equal amounts of planning, strategy, and twitch gameplay, faster than what is traditionally found in a collectible card game.

In spite of the fact that Microsoft Game Studios Tokyo was given the green light to create Phantom Dust, Microsoft decided to give Phantom Dust a Japan only release. October 2004 the game hit the streets. Famitsu reviewed and gave it a 34 out of 40. Critics loved Phantom Dust's style of gameplay. Around January rumors started circulating that Majesco might pick up the title and give it the U.S. release. The rumor turned out true.


Phantom Dust begins with a surface expedition over a decayed landscape. Two pods are found containing two men in an unconscious state in the center of a huge crater, the two men are Edgar and the Protagonist (called the Protagonist because his name can vary depending upon the choice of the player). Having both been exposed to the Dust for a prolonged amount of time they can not remember much of anything. The Protagonist and Edgar set out on a quest to answer many of the questions they have. What happened to make earth such a desolate place with cites in ruins all over the planet? Where did the Dust come from? Why does the Dust give them psychic powers? Furthermore, why does the Dust cause memory loss? In regards to Edgar, who is this woman in the locket around his neck and why does he keep dreaming of her? Why does everyone have a vague recollection of this place they only know of as the "Ruins" but have no idea where it is?

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