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Throughout the game, you must battle several Kyonshi. Although they are all basically the same type of enemy, there are different types that have slightly different characteristics, and therefore require different strategies when fighting against them. Besides physical characteristics such as height, Kyonshi can differ in jumping ability and speed.

Zanshi and Sosekushi
Phantom Fighter enemy zanshi.png
Phantom Fighter enemy sosekushi.png

The Zanshi and Sosekushi are the two most common types of Kyonshi that you will encounter. They are of average height, strength, and jump capability. There is little difference between these two other than appearance. Zanshi are typically colored green and Sosekushi are usually pink. It is unclear if Sosekushi are simply female variants of Zanshi, but their pink color and ponytail suggest that they might be.

Weekyonshi and Ryukyoshi
Phantom Fighter enemy weekyonshi.png
Phantom Fighter enemy ryukyoshi.png

Quite the opposite of one another, Weekyonshi and Ryukyoshi are found less frequently than other Kyonshi. The Weekyonshi are the shortest Kyonshi while the Ryukyoshi are the tallest. Since Weekyonshi are so short, they are impossible to duck under. They can also leap quite far, like frogs. On the other hand, Ryukyoshi are so tall that it's easy to avoid their attacks simply by ducking. Ryukyoshi tend not to leap far, but they can leap very high. Weekyonshi are typically blue while Ryukyoshi are typically green.

Phantom Fighter enemy kimenshi1.png
Phantom Fighter enemy kimenshi2.png

There are actually two different kinds of Kimenshi. Both are quite large and a bit on the tall side, though not as tall as Ryukyoshi, and both have terrible jumping abilities. However, one type of Kimenshi is considerably slower than the other type. The one with his head further back almost floats through the air, while the one with his head held forward hops about much more quickly. The faster Kimenshi is also stronger and takes more hits to defeat. The slower Kimenshi is typically red, but the faster Kimenshi appears in a variety of colors.

Phantom Fighter enemy sanshi.png
Not necessarily a Kyonshi, the Sanshi are a type of ghost that haunt graveyards and try to steal souls. They will only appear at a location if your assistant is captured by the swirling blue flame that appears in two towns. When they do, they float above the ground, flying back and forth to various positions. Occasionally they stop, and their head transforms from that of a young woman's to a hideous demon. It then detaches from the body and flies around. This detached head is dangerous and can do a lot of damage, but it can be struck and forced to return to the body.