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Before you can speak with the master of a training hall who can teach you new fighting moves in exchange for scrolls, you must first answer a quiz question posed to you by the master's disciple. The following chart is a list of 19 possible questions that you may be asked. Answers in green cells are acceptable answers which will allow you to proceed. Red cells contain wrong answer, and if you choose one, you will be kicked out of the hall, although you can immediately return and try again.

Question Option A Option B Option C
How many stars are there in the American flag? 50 28 5
What country do samurais come from? India Japan Spain
What is the best method to make sure Kyonshies never revive again? Big Stakes Seal in Rock Fry in Oil
What is the teaching taught by Confucius called? Psychiatry Confucianism Physiognomy
Who built the Great Wall of China? The Emperor Plasterer Farmer
What is Kyonshies' most powerful weapon? Sharp Claws Sharp Eyes Swift Moves
What is the horrible skill called when your head is banged against

your opponent's head?

Head Strike Head batting Head to Head
What's the name of George Bush's dog? Millie Martha Pooch
Who created Ultima? Lord British Prince Chuck Mr. Exodus
What is the best thing to use to capture Kyonshies? Coffin Urn Jewelry Box
What is the famous Chinese Newspaper? School Paper Wall Poster Daily China
What is the food Kyonshies hate? Liver Ice Cream Frog Eyes
Something is used to beat Kyonshies. What is it? Bird's Blood Lizard Scale Vulture Nail
Why do Kyonshies only come out at night? Play late Shy Hate the Sun
Which emperor is often called the Last Emperor? Sagi Higi Fugi
What kind of place do Kyoshies usually live in? Wet place New Jersey Beverly Hill
What is the skill called when you hold your opponent's arms from the

back and throw him backward?

Dragon Suplex Front Suplex Side Suplex
Name an FCI Video Game? Hydlide WCW Ultima
What is a Chinese martial art usually called? Kung Fu Martial Art Phantom Kick
What is another word for one? Uno Ichi Un