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The first town is, naturally, the easiest. You'll find the temple conveniently at the beginning of town. Defeat the Kimenshi inside to clear the temple, and visit it frequently in order to restore your health between visits to new locations.

Town layout[edit]

Encounter Temple Item Orb Item Item Orb Training Item Orb Item Item Sealed
Kyonshi Kimenshi Sosekushi Zanshi
Zanshi Sosekushi Sosekushi
Sosekushi Zanshi
Zanshi Kimenshi
Items 1 Scroll Jade orb 1 Scroll 1 Scroll Jade orb 1 Scroll Jade orb Talisman Mirror

Training Hall[edit]

You can learn four different techniques here, and each technique costs 2 scrolls. Since each scroll providing location only gives you one scroll at a time, you will have to visit such location 8 times in order to obtain enough scrolls to learn every move.

  • 2 Thrust: You will throw two punches in rapid succession, each capable to bashing a foe at face height.
  • 2 Kick: You will perform two kicks back to back. This is a very useful move, and should be the first one you learn.
  • High Jump: Enables you to jump higher than normal.
  • Wolf Move: Enables you to move faster than normal.


Phantom Fighter Town 1 boss.png

The boss of this stage resembles a gray Weekyonshi. However, this Kyonshi moves considerably slower, even slower then a Kimenshi. It moves so slow, in fact, that it leaves a trail of afterimages behind it as it leaps around. Don't mistake its slowness for weakness. It may be easy to predict, but it can take a lot of hits and it does significant damage with its claws. Use its poor speed to your advantage. Try to position yourself where you can punch or kick it out of the air while it's jumping. If you perform this correctly, you will be able to knock it down to the ground before it has a chance to strike you. Keep this up until it is defeated.