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Health care is provided in Pharaoh to both the living and the dead. Every city has a level of general health, determined by the number of health buildings active in the city. Each health building sends out its own type of provider who grants the health care services to housing units as they pass. The greater number of health care services, combined with the amount and types of food each house has, determines the general health level for an entire city. If the health level drops too low, a plague will hit the city causing much death and a sharp decline in the population. The primary health care buildings are:

Building Description Service Provider
Well Provides a crude source of water for those who live in the immediate vicinity. N/A
Water Supply Provides a water carrier who takes fresh water to nearby homes. Normal wells send out one water carrier while elegant wells send out two. Water Carrier
Physician's Office Doctors keep health care up in the city and prevent disease. Physician
Apothecary Raises the health care level in a city and prevents malaria. Herbalist
Dentist's Office Raises the health care level even further, raises the city culture rating, and provides middle class citizens with dental care. Dentist
Mortuary Keeps the city health care level up by disposing of dead bodies. The mortician must have a supply of linen to turn his clients into mummies. Mortician