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Citizens of Pharaoh's cities occupy several different levels of housing, all of which require certain services to be maintained. Higher levels of housing are also required to be located within "nice neighborhoods", determined by a level of "desirability." Desirability can be influenced by any industrial buildings in the general area (dragging the area down), as well as any nearby elegant or stately buildings (making the area more attractive). Statues and gardens may also be added to increase to appeal of an area.

The highest housing units are known as estates. The player, themselves, also may build a personal mansion, the size of which is determined by what mission is being played. The three different mansions are the Personal Mansion, Family Mansion, and Dynasty Mansion.

Housing within the game "evolves" after gaining certain services and goods from the available resources and supplies within the city. The requirements are cumulative: to evolve to the next level, a housing will need to get the new goods/services and all of the previous ones; should any of them become unavailable, the housing will downgrade into the one that does not require the missing goods/services.

Housing levels
Residence type How to improve Max. Occupants (smallest housing unit)
Vacant Lot Immigrants need to move in. 0
Crude Hut Well water. 5
Sturdy Hut Food Supply. 7
Meager Shanty Religious access to 1 God. 9
Common Shanty Water carrier service. 11
Rough Cottage Entertainment. 13
Ordinary Cottage Pottery. 15
Modest Homestead Access to either a Physician or Mortuary 16
Spacious Homestead Beer and 2 forms of entertainment. 17
Modest Apartment Courthouse access. 18
Spacious Apartment Access to either a Scribal School or Library. 19
Common Residence Two types of food and dentist access. 80
Spacious Residence Linen.
Elegant Residence Religious access to 2 gods and access to 3 forms of entertainment.
A Pavilion with Jugglers, Musicians and Dancers will suffice.
Fancy Residence Jewelry (Or similar luxury good).
Common manor The opposite to what was built at Modest Homestead level 100
Spacious manor The opposite to what was built at Spacious Apartment level and religious access to 3 gods. 108
Elegant manor Access to the last remaining entertainment building (Senet).
Stately manor A second type of luxury good.
Note: As long as you have one type of luxury good in your city (importing gems to make Jewelry is the best way), telling your Overseer to import Luxury Goods automatically fulfils this.
Modest estate 3 types of food
Palatial estate Fully improved.