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Some cities are susceptible to attack by other civilizations, and the player must counter this threat by building defenses. A maximum of six armies can be recruited from the general population, each consisting solely of spearmen, archers, or chariot-riders. Walls, gates, and towers, limited only by costs, can also be built to defend the city. Warships can also be constructed for naval defense.

Depending on the level of a particular mission, a player may or may not be allocated military unit availability. Military units are divided into forts, with chariots, archers, and infantry in separate types of forts. A Recruiter is necessary to send soldiers to a fort and, in some missions, soldiers may also visit an Academy to increase their skill level prior to be being sent on "active duty".

In addition to ground forces, a Navy may also be established in certain missions. Naval wharfs are built to house one naval vessel a piece, each requiring a shipwright to construct. The two types of vessels available are Transports and Warships, of which the player may built several of each.

Military establishments are the least attractive structures in the game and building any military building next to a residence plot will cause the desirability of the area to rapidly diminish.

In addition to defense, the player will sometimes be asked by other cities to provide reinforcements for a battle elsewhere. It should also be noted that police constables can also fight enemy armies but usually very unsuccessfully. In the final missions of the Cleopatra expansion, the player also may command Roman troops in addition to Egyptian.

Note that in some peaceful missions, you may be able to build a military presence. This is only provided if the player's kingdom rating drops to 0 and in many cases, the army sent is so large that the player's forts cannot deal with the invasion. Others may provide the player with Archers if the map contains Hyena's that can attack the citizens of the city if they are not walled in or taken down.

Steps to create military units[edit]

  1. Build weaponsmith (Needs copper)
  2. Build recruiter
  3. Build forts
  4. Build academy (Optional)
  1. Build recruiter
  2. Build forts
  3. Build academy (Optional)
  1. Build chariot maker (Needs wood)
  2. Build recruiter
  3. Build forts
  4. Build academy (Optional)

Note: Charioteers are the most powerful in the game and are virtually invincible when academy trained. However, they can only be built in the New Kingdom. In many cases, they can easily replace Archers and Infantry.


Infantry, archers and charioteers get more skilled the more battles the unit survives. Untrained troops begin as "Green". These are easily slaughtered by an enemy force of comparable numbers. If you have a Military Academy in town, conscripts will receive training there before joining your army. Those begin on the next experience level, "Skilled". Such troops are about evenly matched with the enemy. Above are four levels of veterancy, which may be attained only through combat (exception see below). The first level of veterancy comes relatively easily, after a couple battles. Even first-level veteran troops can defeat a slightly superior force and make quick work of weaker enemies.

Having a temple complex to Seth gives your soldiers (only those trained at the time when the complex is built and staffed) one extra level of experience straight from the Recruiter. Thus, if you have both an Academy and a Temple Complex to Seth working in your city, any soldiers you train will arrive at their forts as first-level veterans.